Sunday, 17 September 2017

Sunday comments September 17

Mary told Angie the whole truth and begged her not to tell Jude. The sad thing is she believes she'd be blamed by Jude. But he's outside the door and he heard it all. Norris had a good chat with him later and so did Mary. Now he knows why Mary didn't keep him when she gave birth. Her mother is to blame. It's a lot to get his head around, to be sure but he doesn't hold it against her. He understands and it seems he does love her. She's a lucky woman.

Mary couldn't face any more lies so she finally admitted the truth about the contest and marriage, too, to Norris' relief. Everyone was amused but when Jude said he was glad they came for the wedding, he meant it in every way. He even had a great wedding present. He thinks they should move back to Manchester. Angie doesn't look as if she thinks it's such a great idea.

Sally and Gina make up their differences but it doesn't last too long. Sally puts her foot in it by expressing her concern that Gina's bedroom is "chaotic". Later, a box of Gina's junk turns up in the back room of the corner shop, getting in the way, outing her lie that she had sold it off. She has a quiet go at Gina in the factory but Gina gets right back in her face calling Sally patronizing. All of this back and forth between them is very sister-like isn't it? It's very good. When Gina goes to fetch her box of stuff from Dev's, she gets a nice surprise. Dev offers her a part time job in the shop. Naturally she takes the opportunity to hug him and tells Sally she thinks Dev fancies her. Dev is given a heads up by Gemma later on when she tells him that Gina fancies him. He seems to know. He doesn't seem to mind the admiration. Could backfire on him.

Sally accuses Gina of using her bipolarity as an excuse. Gina tells Sally she wants to use the laptop to sell more of her things but in reality, she's looking up those dodgey payday loan companies, using Sally's name as a guarantor, obviously getting herself deeper and deeper in debt. Oh, this isn't going to end well, is it?

Sally finds out that the mayor has resigned and there will be a by-election. She walked away leaving the whole box of cakes with Brian but managed to get them out of his greedy fingers before he scoffed the lot. Sally is determined to join the campaign. Her head is already encompassed in that chain of office. Gina thinks she's being overly ambitious and her family will suffer.

Sally's definitely going to run for Mayor but Tim isn't too happy about it, not after the fiasco when she was councillor. But then, the fiasco is living under his roof so it should be ok, right? He even put his foot down. She said she wouldn't do it without his support and he didn't give it. Will she back down or will she push and push until he gives in? No. She didn't have to. He backed her anyway. Gosh I love these two!

Weatherfield County wants a mascot, a big bee. All idiots may apply. The attraction is free match tickets. Who wins? Tim doesn't because he backed down to support Sally's campaign. Funny scene with him and Steve at the bar later, talking about it and him complimenting Steve's hair.

Sally's immediately in campaign mode and if it's anything like last time, it'll be a great laugh. And this time, we have a resentful sister glaring at her back. She not-bribed her coworkers with a free drink but had to start her speech before the reporter got there and when the reporter did walk in, it was just in time to witness Kirk in all his glory as the new County mascot, the Buzzer Bee, totally undermining her launch!

Sarah has been going to a parental support group in order to help Bethany and Gail wants to go as well. Probably not a bad idea on the surface of things but we all know Gail. And Sarah is still worried about Gary. She did finish with him but is fretting because he hasn't called from Ukraine. Why would he? Because he's actually just got back and has come to the support session to see her.

We'll find out soon enough but first we hear how Sarah feels guilty about what happened to Bethany. She doesn't think she's been a very good mother and support for her daughter, she didn't give her the stability she needed. Gary tells everyone she's much better than she thinks and she's her own worst enemy. She'd never let her kids down. He says he loves that she always bounces back stronger. He walks her home and after she goes inside, he takes a call from Joe with the offer of another job for more money. Tempting. She softens and takes him back. Again.

Gary is later evasive when David starts asking questions about the job but before he can tell Sarah, she gets called in to work. Gary follows her over to the pub late so they could have a chat. Sarah is not pleased when Gary tells her he's taking another job but she doesn't dump him this time but she does tell David about it and he thinks there's nothing wrong with trying to provide for your family. She backs down and accepts it. Later, after a water fight with David and the kids, He avoids getting intimate with Sarah and when he changes to a dry tshirt of David's, reveals to the viewer that he's covered in bruises and cuts. In fact, it looks like he's been stuck by Wolverine or something else with claws for fingers.

How's Gary going to put Sarah off until he leaves? Those wounds won't have healed in a few days. Izzy is really angry that Gary's going back to Ukraine, for Jake's sake. Anna didn't know any of the possible danger with this job so Gary had to defend himself again.

David and Shona followed up that snog and had a passionate encounter on the floor of the cafe. At least it wasn't on a table! Gail wasn't too pleased to see Shona and David looking cozy on the sofa. David admits he wants more but there are conditions, never mention Clayton in front of his kids or talk about him. She didn't agree so much, just kind of avoided it. When she nipped back to Eileen's to get a DVD, she told Todd she was going to keep the money in a trust for Clayton but he isn't allowed to tell anyone, as a client-lawyer confidentiality.

Meanwhile, Shona has a meeting with Todd so she can arrange a trust account for Clayton with most of her scratch card winnings. Todd is going to set it up with a condition that he doesn't get the money for 2 years after he gets out of the youth jail and he has to keep his nose clean. Shona also wants a drug free Clayton as well. She later joins the paddling pool party at the Platts'. She tussles with David and pushes him in the pool at one point which actually makes Gail crack a smile for a minute. She can tell that David actually seems happy. David even asks her to stay over. That's a big step for someone who's lost their spouse.

Will continues to undermind Robert with Michelle and went a bit far at one point.  He keeps saying things to her that make it seem like Robert is to blame for all the upset with Rich. He's very insidious but she continues to defend Robert, much to his annoyance so he had to suck up by apologizing for talking trash about Robert to her. Robert is seeing good reviews for the Bistro in the paper. The only problem is, the owner is called Nick in the paper so Robert thinks he might have to change the name of the place after all and do a refurbishment along with it. Will offers to do a bit of design work for Robert who fancies an Art Deco vibe. Robert is touched but Michelle doesn't seem to be so much. Will brings some designs to Robert but he has a meeting and leaves Will in the office on his own. Will finds one of Michelle's scarves, sniffs her perfume from it, and nicks it. Robert has found out he has a court date on September 6 and decides not to go ahead with the re-design after all.

Yasmeen has met Nicola in the cafe and Nicola introduces her youth centre project, with a builder doing it for cost. But Yasmeen finds out the builder is Phelan and she tells her about the failed project that left a lot of people out of pocket. She confronted him and he kept to the party line, that he lost money, too. A lot. She lapped it up and called him a survivor. But then a few days later, Nicola got another load of aggravation from Anna who has  found out who Nicola is and she's shocked. She also spit out a lot of aggressive attitude at Nicola which was, frankly, uncalled for.

Meanwhile, Andy's still living in the dank cellar with bugs, rats and nightmares, with a lightbulb that barely works. He's got an injured arm, too, and it's getting infected. All Phelan can do is continue to use Andy as a sounding board, wittering on about his reputation. All Andy can do is flatter him and hope he brings antibiotics or something. Phelan takes some tools and heads to the back garden, digging what looked very much like a grave.

Phelan was sly trying to find out what Andy's favourite meal was. Chicken Caesar. Is that supposed to be his last meal?Phelan wasn't happy that Andy couldn't eat the caesar salad he'd made for him. He's quite ill. I guess if Phelan wants him dead, he can do what he does best, just wait for him to die. But No, he tried to take more direct action. It's interesting that he had to cover up an unconscious Andy's face so he couldn't see it when he was going to club him with a shovel. He couldn't quite bring himself to do it when Andy woke up and looked at him, cowering and begging for help. He shouldn't have told Phelan he was allergic to pennicillin. Very tempting, what? It was very creepy, Phelan deciding to let Andy die in the dark.

Seems like Kate's dire predictions are coming true and she's feeling like a third wheel with Luke and Alya all loved up. Kate's feeling down so Rana offers to take her on a night out on the town which started at the Rovers as they all do.

Norris showed Gemma some wedding photos. She's still feeling bad that she let Mary's secret out but he tells her that Mary and Jude talked and Mary's not angry at Gemma but things are still awkward between Gemma and Rita.

Gemma discovers that someone set up a dating profile of her which has been attracting men to the kebab shop all day, men that don't think she looks anything like her profile photo and leave disappointed. Turns out those two miscreants from the other week are behind it, that's their idea of revenge for her dobbing them in. I guess if that's the worst they could do, they haven't got a lot of brain cells between them. This is proven later on.

Norris finds out that Gemma turned in her former friends and tells Rita. He hopes Rita can help and maybe that will mend fences with Gemma who's still kipping at Yasmeen's but Rita seems reluctant at first.

Rosie offers to help Gemma and, dressing up in a power suit and wearing serious looking spectacle frames, she pretends to be a solicitor. Rosie threatens Zoe and Roxy, Gemma's "mates", with legal action by accusing them of cyber-terrorism, invasion of privacy, fraud and all sorts. She sounds very up on all the terms after only a few days working in the law office and very believable, I must say. She insists they apologise to Gemma and never darken her door again! This was absolutely brilliant! Rosie is so daft and silly but she's got such a big heart. It turns out Rita was the one that asked Rosie to help Gemma and when she finds out, Gemma forgives Rita and all is well but Jenny still doesn't trust Gemma and lets them all know it.

Gemma moves back into the flat in time to catch Rita having put on the washing machine without anything in it. Rita brushes that off but this is happening more often. Gemma's really worried about Rita and trying to convince Rosie there's a problem. And reminder lists kind of made the point.

Jenny convinces Maria to go for a bridesmaid dress fitting. I'm confused, I thought Maria was Eva's bridesmaid or are the two brides sharing the attendants? They enlist Rita's help with a very long list and Rita hands it over to Gemma when she comes to thank Rita for her help. Rita and Norris convince Jenny to reinstate Gemma as bridesmaid, too, which she does with gritted teeth.

Gemma had promised to go see Chesney but the fitting is going to clash with that. The dresses chosen by Jenny for Gemma and Kate were not well received by the girls. The colour is pretty sludgy, too. Eva's choice for Maria wasn't a lot better though Gemma liked it. all three looked pretty dreadful on the women but Jenny's quite pleased with the ones she picked out. Rita finally arrives and in the course of looking for something, kicked over a cup of coffee on Gemma's shoe, ruining it but Gemma took the blame.

Later, before Gemma goes off to see Chesney, she catches Rita setting the table for an extra place for her long-dead husband, Len. That really catches Gemma off guard and the idea of Len drifted away from Rita probably as quickly as it landed, Rita then getting distracted by Jenny's wedding lists again and complaining about being tired. Gemma tried to get Jenny to listen to her concerns about Rita but she wasn't having it. Jenny was too angry about the ruined shoes.

Chesney's back and safe and very apologetic but Sinead's not very sympathetic and nearly beat him about the head and ears. I guess she doesn't believe in handling him with kid gloves! She kind of made it about her, though, until he shouted that he thought he was going to die. They all keep telling him not to feel how he feels and they need to acknowlege he's a mess and get him help. Chesney is feeling so down about himself that he can't see that Sinead would not leave him again. Why would anyone want him in the shape he's in? Because that's what you do, you stick by the one you love.

Chesney has been to the doctor and is recovering slowly. Sinead has been very protective of him but since he seems to be a bit more chipper, she's said Ok to a visit by Gemma except Gemma got held up with the dressing fitting and the business with Rita and Sinead wouldn't let her come visit after all because Chesney was sleeping again. Gemma doesn't know where to turn. Luckily, Rosie came along and Rosie is taking Gemma under her wing. These two could be good friends, couldn't they? I'd like to see more of them together! Gemma told Rosie about Rita's memory loss and confusion and how upset she is.

Summer and Amy are left to their own devices for a few hours, first in the salon. Amy wants more of a hair do than David is willing to do so Summer offers to do it for her. I think these two could be a lot of fun to watch. Summer is just as much of an instigator as Amy. Anyway, Summer loaded up on every corrosive cleaning product in the shop that she reckons will give Amy highlights and a new colour. Why didn't they just go to the drugstore and get a kit? It would have been cheaper for starters. I suppose you can't expect sense out of kids that age. Summer ruined Amy's hair, of course.

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Anonymous said...

I don't like David and Shona together. From the first time I saw her I thought it's too soon for David after Kylie's death and she is just not right for him - too old?, too much baggage? - I'm not sure what it is but in our house we don't like it.

VictoriaRose said...

I agree. There doesn't seem to be chemistry. I'm thinking there are going to be more relationship problems with her being Clayton's mum.

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