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Guest blog post: In praise of Lucy Fallon

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Since Lucy Fallon arrived on Corrie in 2015 her character Bethany has been through more than you can imagine. Her debut was quite surprising and shown Bethany's personality straight away which I loved. I knew she would be a character that everyone loves and she will definitely make cobbles history.

The Platts are a family that if you'r a part of, you have signed up for a life full of distress, drama and difficulties but they all come together to fight each others battles which then causes more drama - they just can't help it. The Platts will never be the same without Kylie, her death was a twist that shocked the nation.

Lucy Fallon has had about 3 huge storylines and has been a part of a Tina O’Briens (Sarah Platt) mental health storyline. These storylines has been Bullying, Taking Dodgy Diet Pills, Callum and her recent huge one Grooming. The way she has portrayed the grooming storyline has been just absolutely incredible and she has done justice to so many people all over the world who has been through it. I have to say there have been scenes where I've just not been able to stop crying because I felt her emotion and it just broke my heart knowing it happens to people.

Lucy Fallon and her soap bosses worked very closely with the NSPCC every step of the way, during her research and she was introduced to a very very brave girl called Lucie a survivor of grooming and she said softly “it was hard”... it just shows why it's so important that Corrie reflect on this. Lucy has just made us all so proud.

Lucy mentioned in an interview about a bad time in her life where she went off the rails and how she was so uninspired that she just couldn’t do it anymore and that she was close to giving it all up. But her headteacher at the Barbra Jackson Theatre Arts Centre convinced her to go for her Corrie audition. Years on, her life couldn’t be more different as she's now getting into was of the biggest storylines in soap history and has been nominated for best actress twice and is up for an Inside Soap award with Colson Smith (Craig Tinker) for best on-screen partnership. This year is going to be her year - she has honestly been so amazing and I'm so so proud of her and everything she has achieved. I really hope she knows that

By Holly

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