Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Which is your current favourite Coronation Street couple?

For a bit of fun this week in the run up to the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend, we're going to be asking every day this week who our current favourite characters are.  Today it's the turn of the couples.

So, who is your current, favourite Coronation Street couple?

For this fan, Flaming Nora (Coronation Street Blog), it's Sally and Tim for the comedy and lightheartedness they provide. Sally's interaction with her sister is sublime and Tim and Steve at the cab office are a delight to watch too. So not only is my favourite couple great fun to watch together on screen but separately on the Street too.

For me, Tvor at Bluenose Corrie Blog, I'm going to agree with Flaming Nora. Tim and Sally are a joy to watch together and individually.

But never mind me. If YOU had to choose just one couple from the show at the moment, as your absolute favourite, who would it be?

Tvor @tvordlj on Twitter

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