Saturday, 24 February 2018

Canadian Coronation Street schedule back to normal

The Winter Olympics have drawn to a close and Coronation Street is back to the normal viewing schedule this week, with the omnibus back on screen on Sunday, March 4. That means TWO episodes on Mondays with one each on the rest of the week days and a 3 hour omnibus.

Even though we didn't get a sixth episode airing these past two weeks, the storyline is still only about 2 weeks behind the UK air dates. For Monday, February 26, we are seeing one episode that aired in the UK on February 12 and one from the 14th. I know we all still shudder with the memories of the dark days when we were nearly 11 months behind. Thanks to CBC for pulling us out of the hole. Two weeks give or take, I can take it. The closest we ever were before was about six weeks difference so two weeks was beyond my wildest imagination and I'm quite happy with it!

Sunday Comments return on Sunday March 4. 

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