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Last week, we saw Phelan taken by the police for a little chat. In the interview room, Phelan is a bit glib, markedly casual and "open". He's got nothing to hide, right? He doesn't have an alibi for the night of the murder. He makes the assumption that either Seb or Gary or Anna that told the police he killed Luke. They turn it around and muse how nobody seems to like Phelan. He's cool, collected, working hard to imply all of this is payback for his testifying against Anna tomorrow. They don't keep him overnight and he makes out that the questions were fairly neutral.

They discuss who could possibly want to kill Luke and Phelan again plays the Racist card. He tries to pry into why she's got so many questions, and gets angry that she'd even consider thinking he could kill anyone. He gets angry when she says that Seb told her he killed Luke and looked through his things. But what really ticks him off is her admission that she visited Anna and told her. She's even more confused now and is very apologetic. He plays two more cards, Righteous and Broken Trust and walks out on her.

Instead of fretting, Eileen and Adam work out a rota for helping out with Billy. Phelan shows up again later, though. He tells Eileen he's going to move into Billy's flat while Billy's at Number 11 to give them a bit more elbow room.

Tim and Gary have to find Seb and Anna worries that Phelan might try to get to Seb through Faye, too. Gary has now got a phone number for Seb and leaves a message that Faye's in trouble. That will lure Seb out of the hole where he's hiding. Sure enough, Seb climbs out of a taxi on the corner. He's horrified to find out Gary told the police that Phelan killed Luke but was let go. Gary begs Seb to testify and roughs him up a little then pitches him into the back of a cab. Tim just happens to have the right set of keys on him for it.

Anna is given a set of clothes to wear for the trial. I think she's going to have a sleepless night. Seb tells Gary he's scared Phelan will come after him or his mother. He's scared Phelan will get away with it. Gary implores him to tell the truth.

Anna's trial finally starts. Most of the neighbours wish her the best. Phelan is suited and stony faced. Anna is advised to keep her temper in check. She'd be wise to take that to heart but I'm anticipating the traditional outburst in court at some point. It wouldn't be a Corrie trial without one, now, would it?

The trial is going to be a win/lose for Anna depending on if Seb shows up and if he tells the truth. Does that mean his memory has come back or that he just realizes the truth that Anna couldn't possibly have done it? The witnesses and supporters gather in the corridors. Tim's bricking it. Phelan's got his game face on. They say Seb did a runner but then said he's on his way. So he didn't actually do a runner. Seb then arrives, flanked by Tim and Gary.

Phelan is the first witness in the dock. Anna puts her own version of "game face" on when Phelan swears to tell the truth. It pretty much reflects how we all feel, seeing his hand on the Bible. He tells his stories, first witnessing the fight in the cafe between Seb and Anna and later, the lie that she went into the solicitor office and the lie that Seb saw Anna's face before he fell. Anna's solicitor makes Phelan look like a grudge-holder.

Seb testifies. He doesn't remember how he fell. He doesn't remember seeing Anna before he fell. Anna did not push him and Phelan made him say it. He says Phelan always had it in for Anna. Eileen can't listen to any more. The lad has guts, you have to give him that. I'd say Phelan is bricking it, now. He'll squirm, he'll put in a lot of fancy footwork. He might keep the wolves from the door for a little while but he's balancing on the slippery slope, is Phelan and he knows it. He's already packing the getaway bag.

Roy testifies tomorrow, they all hope he'll be the final nail in Phelan's coffin and help free Anna but Tim has to testify too and he's a ball of nerves. Gary's found a mate that Seb can stay with for now. Safer there with Phelan on the loose. Eileen admits to Billy that she's having major doubts about her husband. Eileen gets a late visit to Anna approved. She gives Anna a very heartfelt apology.

The trial continues. Today Roy is testifying and gives Anna a glowing reference, even saying she's not a violent person (lie!! Anna goes off her nut on a regular basis!) but has to tell the truth when he is asked about the confrontation in the caff where Anna struck Seb. Tim worries he won't do Anna any good. Gary sees Bethany and Sam get in a car and drive off. He recognizes Sam as the woman that draped herself over him in the pub. He decides to follow them rather than go to the court.

Eileen finds Steve in the cab office looking through some CCTV footage and they see Gary and Tim roughing up Seb and forcing him into a car. There's no sound but it's obvious to Eileen that they intimidated the boy into making Phelan look the villain.

When Anna testifies, she's made out to look a saint for helping Seb and his family. But she's also gets pulled up on her earlier attitude towards Seb and she has to admit they didn't make up before Seb's fall. She starts on about Phelan's testimony being all lies. She is further questioned about Seb's accident and that she claims Phelan planted the evidence to frame her. Typically, Anna starts to shake and shriek that Phelan has been obsessed with her for years. She's scolded by the judge and the jury will be told to disregard her outburst. An adjournment is asked for.

Eileen tells Phelan about the CCTV footage. She and Steve took it to the police. She thinks the men bullied Seb into changing his story. It certainly looks that way. She asks for his forgiveness and he does. Or so he says.

Anna has found out about the footage, as well, and worries that Gary will be in trouble. It's a possibility but the way it is going to look is going to be damaging. Her lawyer says that the CCTV can't be used in court but Tim will definitely be questioned about it and Seb's story has been cut to shreds.

Tim testifies that it's not that difficult to fall off your ladder. But the prosecution grills him about whether he spoke to Seb or accosted him. Tim goes quiet and you just know he's realizing that there's CCTV outside the cab office or someone must have seen them. He immediately blames it as Gary's idea. It doesn't sound good, not at all. Two grown men practically keelhaul a boy to change his statement which he does.

The judge's instructions to the jury make it clear that she thinks Anna has presented herself as a kind and generous person, well thought of but she's got a volatile streak. She speaks about Gary and Tim coercing Seb to change his statement so Seb is an unreliable witness. Without saying so as such, it's clear which verdict the judge would prefer! The jury moves out of the courtroom. It turns out to be a short deliberation though we do get a couple of scenes with those waiting outside to hear the verdict. None of them are sounding too optimistic.

Anna can barely manage to drag herself up the steps into the courtroom. She's terrified, shaking and has been crying. And here it comes... She is found guilty of harming Seb! And there's the obligatory outburst from the gallery as Faye stands up and screams "She didn't do it!!!!!!" at the top of her voice while Anna shrieks in agreement, "I didn't do it!" It's a great performance but not quite the "Deirdre" effect. Anna screams and accuses Phelan of being pure evil and he kind of proves it when he leans over and harasses her with lines like "unanymous verdict, Anna!" and "It's called Justice, Anna" It's quite chaotic as Faye sobs in her father's arms.

The next day, nobody knows where Seb is. Tim tells Faye and Gary that Anna will be charged for attacking Eileen as well. Faye is frantic to find Seb. Between the two men, though, they speculate that Seb's disappearance is down to Phelan. Gary tells Faye Seb will be ok and takes her off to school.

Shona can't get over how thin Eva is but Eva says she did gain a bit of weight and with all the stress she's been under, she never noticed she wasn't having periods. Stress can suspend these things anyway. It's quite common. Eva tells her she's not ready for it but hasn't decided what to do for sure. Surely 17 weeks is too late for a termination? It is here in Canada I think but I think the cutoff date is a bit later in the UK. Shona advises her to talk to her sisters.

Craig stayed at the club to keep an eye on her. She tells him it's safe, the management looks after the women. She makes him promise not to tell anyone. Which he does. He finally leaves and later sees Sarah in the corner shop. Sarah questions him but Craig keeps quiet. He tells her he'll not let anything happen to her. He goes back to the club. He promises he hasn't told Sarah. He came back to make sure she gets home safely. He's decided he'd rather put up with her job than break up. She rewards him with a hug.

Sarah and Gary are slowly edging their way back together. All these encounters and longing looks are proof even if Bethany is doing her best to keep them apart. The shadow of the pregnant other woman looms large, so it's a big hurdle to get past. Bethany decides she needs to up the game to put Gary back into Sarah's naughty list. The next thing we see is Bethany's friend Sam chatting Gary up in the pub. It has the desired effect when Sarah walks in for her date with Gary for drinks and sees Sam all over him. Crap. She walks back out and Gary hotfoots it after her. Result. Bethany is right, Gary's a cheat. They weren't 'on a break', he just couldn't handle the stress of the Ukraine jobs and reached out to someone objective. Bethany admitted to Craig that she set Gary up with Sam.

Gary arrives at Tassels and sees Sam who doesn't admit she tried to pick him up in the Rovers. He starts to get aggressive with her until Bethany walks in. Gary is appalled. Bethany wants nothing to do with Gary so he tries to drag her out. That Lipless Bouncer is there to help and Gary's further appalled when she tells her boss that Gary's just some punter getting aggressive. Two more thuggish types come along to help and they all start beating on Gary! The police have been called and Craig and another officer find a bloodied Gary slumped outside the club. Craig is upset at how Bethany and Sam are painting Gary as a boorish punter groping them up. Bethany is more concerned that she'll lose her job.

Craig takes her home later and she confesses everything to her mother and David who are both shocked. They all see it as being exploited by sleazy men, just like Nathan but Bethany stoutly defends herself. She's in control. Nobody can do what they want unless she says so. Sarah heads to the hospital to see Gary and David points out to Bethany that if she was trying to keep her mother and Gary apart, she's had the exact opposite effect. Bethany tells Sarah that if she can't accept that Beth is old enough to make her own decisions, she'll move out.

Bethany is unrepentant and Sarah is at her wits' end. Now Gail has found out about the lapdancing and she's shocked to the core and horrified in case it involves stripping completely! They can't get through to her. Gary tells Sarah he won't tell anyone about Bethany's involvement in his beating. He says all the right things and the next thing you know, they're flip flopped back together again.

Gemma is really over the moon with Henry. His responses are lukewarm at best. We know why and even she could tell something was off when she finished with him but she took him back anyway so I think down deep she probably knows he's not sincere but is too thrilled to have him on her arm to listen to the alarm bells. But Henry can't go to the posh hotel she apparently won because it's his birthday and he managed to put her off. Gemma is then put off because he never told her it was his birthday (probably because it actually isn't) and, and here's the denial again, she decides throw him a surpise party instead, after a suggestion from Liz.

Gemma has Henry's birthday surprise party all organized and it's fancy dress. This should be interesting! The pub is decorated and Henry's name is spelled out in big, blue balloons, sort of. There's no "H"! Gemma, covered in white balloons with black dots on them (eyes?) is frantic about this. (The) Queen Elizabeth is behind the bar (Liz), Brian is dressed like a rooster, Cathy appears to be in something that isn't slutty-stylish or ridiculous. Henry comes through the door and he is indeed surprised by the shouting guests. He even manages to guess what most of the costumes are representing - Newton and Ridley pubs. Gemma picks up a blue bucket and hers has something to do with that, I think she said Frog and Bucket so perhaps she's meant to be covered in little pollywogs? You know, that grow up to be frogs? Chesney, in what looks like a space suite, is Man in the Moon. Brian's costume represents the Cock and Bottle and I forget which Cathy is representing.

Anyway, Henry is handed a costume in a bag to change into even though he protests that he can't stay long. It turns out to be a white Naval officer's uniform. Henry seems to be enjoying himself and doesn't take the call when his mate Hugo rings. Rosie finally arrives, dressed in white with a red stripe down her face and front. She's representing the most popular pub name in the country, the Red Line. Ha! Everyone choruses 'Red LION'! Henry takes a call from Hugo who wants him to show up now. No can do, Henry has a better offer, clearly enjoying himself.

Sean tells Tyrone that the samples weren't perfect but Hope accuses Ruby of cutting holes in the pants and the girls bicker at the table. Ruby vehemently denies it but Hope insists she's innocent and Ruby's guilty. Tyrone tells Sean this seems to be a recent re-occurring behaviour problem and he doesn't know what to do, thinking it's probably just a phase.

Poor Alya is surrounding herself with tears and photos. She won't be comforted even by her well-meaning brother. Kevin is practical and tells Tyrone they need to hire someone. Alya overhears and freaks out, blamimg them of replacing him before he's even in his grave. She gives Maria a passing earful as well for how she treated Luke.

It's all business for Phelan now. He's got the contract to fix the factory roof and is looking to be the site manager of the mill conversion. Gina is in top spirits, with 10 orders for her hats. Dev reminds her to go to the pharmacy and to pick up the twins as she whirls out the door. We see her awhile later, hopped up on caffiene or is it something else? Is she in the middle of a manic episode? She's seen a reminder to get her meds but seems to be ignoring it.

Toyah's definitely feeling pangs of insecurity regarding Peter's ex wives. I'm pretty sure she's not threatened by Leanne, even that she's living under the same roof but she's damn shaky about Carla and she showed Carla just how churlish she is in the cafe. She did come straight out and ask Carla if she came back for Peter and got the answer she wanted but does she believe it? I don't know but it was amusing to see all four women file into the pub laughing and all friendly like, and Peter, behind the bar, looking like he's just seen the Apocalypse.

It's probably Toyah's way of blind siding the competition. But later, she overheard Carla and Michelle slag her off and it's instant cat fight complete with beer and insults being thrown around. Toyah came off the worst, getting doused with beer twice! The timing seemed off, though. One second Michelle is picking up the menu from the table, the very next second, she's coming back to the table and overhears Toyah admitting to only pretending to like Carla. Anyway, a minimum of four beers were tossed around.

Toyah is awash with insecurity and Peter can't seem to reassure her or find the words she needs to hear even though he seems to be saying all the right things. But later, Toyah has finally thought it through and realized that everyone needs their space and secrets. She comes over all-counsellor with him and assures him she'll be there for him when he's ready to talk.

Peter heads out to a meeting to shore up himself, gonna need the strength for the middle of the night feedings! Later, Eva finds Toyah crying on the back stairs of the pub. Turns out the surrogate, Jackie, miscarried. Sounds similar to what both Maria and Michelle went through, with the baby not moving and having died, then having to be delivered. Toyah is devastated and feeling very resentful. She has to tell Peter but doesn't know how she's going to find the words. Eva's heart breaks for her. Toyah finds Peter at a meeting but he doesn't see her. She hears him talk to the group about the pressures he's under but how much he's looking forward to a baby, a girl he hopes. He thinks the baby will be his lifebelt along with her mum. Very nice! But how can you tell someone that lifebelt has sunk? Toyah promises Eva she'll tell Peter soon.

It's going to be a hard day for Toyah, knowing Jacquie will be induced to deliver the baby today. Eva urges her to tell Peter who comes in just then and suggests calling the baby Suzanne after a depressing Leonard Cohen song! Toyah just can't bring herself to tell him the truth just like Eva hasn't been able to tell Aidan.

Carla tells Aidan he'll manage and will get things up and running. He gets a text from Eva wanting to meet up. Carla soothes Maria for what Alya said to her earlier. Maria moans that it's difficult to grieve when you're the ex. Nobody wants to know. Aidan hugs her, noticed by Peter who take the news back to Eva who gives him a hard time about being all over Maria. They tussel a bit on the factory stairs and Eva loses her balance and falls. Shona runs over and helps her home with Aidan apologizing behind her. She cries that she's not going to tell Aidan if Maria's back on the scene. Toyah had been in the kitchen and has over heard her!

Billy's coming home from the hospital and Eileen makes the rounds of friends that can help out when she's at work. Billy is moving back in at Number 11 for the duration. She doesn't, however, tell Adam about hearing from Todd indirectly.

Adam and Eva are slotted to bring Billy home and stick by his side. There are pointed glances up the road between Peter and Billy. Billy's homecoming is marred by a frantic Geraldine who is put off by Adam. Adam later thinks it's a good idea to thrust Billy into the lion's den by suggesting he go to the pub, you know, where Peter works. Peter, the man that kidnapped him. I can't remember, is Billy aware that all the Barlows know what Peter did or just Ken and Peter? Anyway, Peter's a bit on edge the whole time Billy and Adam were in the pub and the confrontation with Toyah, Michelle and Carla didn't help. Billy also seems quite eager to get those painkillers into him. Even Eva has noticed and worries about addictions.

Billy decides to get out of the house and help out at the community centre. Eva is sent to pick up his prescription for painkillers, please and thanks. Later, in the community center he's ferrying stacks of books from one case to another and experiences a stabbing pain. When next we see him, he's on the floor as Adam walks by and sees him through the window. Adam looks quite smug but then pretends to care and helps him up. Later, Adam comes to Number 11 to check on Billy who was dozing in the chair.

Adam later finds Billy dozing in his wheelchair, now that the painkillers have kicked in. Adam offers Billy some tablets that he had, stronger stuff. Billy says he'll call if he needs them. Adam goes to see what they are, in the kitchen, and takes a photo of them quietly while telling Billy they don't look much stronger than paracetemol. Billy thanks him for dropping by.

Eileen and Phelan return to a smiling Billy. Todd has rung and Billy's goign to meet him and Summer tomorrow and they'll all go away somewhere. Eileen is shocked, how is Billy going to manage? Eileen insists on going with him to talk Todd into facing the music. Billy tells her they just need to get away from Geraldine for awhile but Eileen reckons the police might have other ideas if they catch up to them.

Eileen and Billy wait in the park. He's in pain and has forgotten to bring his meds. Eileen doesn't know how he's going to manage if he and Todd are on the run. He promises they'll be back once they know what they're doing. Summer walks up alone. She tells them she and Todd have been in a Bed and breakfast when the police caught up with Todd while she was waiting outside for him. He put the police off and she was smart enough to stay hidden. Todd then instigated an altercation with the police and managed to run off and Summer has come back, apologetic and scared the Social Services will take her from Billy, too.

Adam buys some paracetemol from Dev who can only sell him two packs out of the four he asks for. It's the law. But there's no law to stop him going to another shop and buying some. That's exactly what he's done as we get a glimpse into his briefcase which is full of the packages of pills. Later, Adam replaces Billy's pills with the ones he's bought (paracetemol is similar to Tylenol).

Simon "accidentally" broke the contents of a whole box of wine. Even if it was in the cellar, wouldn't a crash like that have been heard upstairs? Possibly not. Toyah is in a right strop over it. Eva comes in the pub later but Leanne is busy and has to tend to Oliver so Eva doesn't get a chance to talk to her.

Steve has brought Tracy flowers for her birthday and she's not impressed. Coals to Newcastle anyone? Liz says the same thing. Steve says it's the thought that counts. Tracy reckons that's an expression created by blokes who are too tight to buy anything nice! Steve hands over a card and there's travel plans for a trip to Paris! Amy wants a new phone for her birthday and it doesn't look like she's going to get it. She drops it and then drops a drink on it but Steve isn't falling for that old trick.

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Rogerle said...

I wish Pat Phelan would finally be caught and get off the show. He and his storyline have been on there too long. Tired of him always getting off scott free. It's starting to get a little old. We need something new.

SBDriver said...

I totally agree. It's time for Phelan to go!!

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