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#Kana, Yasmeen and my thoughts on current Corrie

(This post was originally posted by Flaming Nora on the Coronation Street Blog December 2017, reposted to this blog with permission.)

Guest blog post from Stephen Leach who is on Twitter: @sirterenceboot
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It’s been good to see the Nazir family given a bit more screen time in recent weeks. Lately, Yasmeen’s only function has been that of a glorified B&B landlady, offering spare rooms to all and sundry. Any more house guests and she’ll soon be giving Eileen a run for her money: it’s miraculous how the poky two-up two-down houses in Weatherfield seem to expand to accommodate families of nine.

Could Coronation Street finally be ready to acknowledge the existence of the elusive bisexual? Every time I think Rana’s about to utter the word something always seems to interrupt her. I’m sure that Kate and Rana’s affair could have been a relatively interesting plotline, it’s just that for the life of me I can’t think how. Honestly, it’s all so dull I can’t even remember how many people have found out about them both. Will the whole sordid affair be revealed soon? Back in the day this sort of storyline might have gone on and on for months, but such is the breakneck pace of the show right now that I expect that the whole thing will be all done and dusted by Valentine’s Day. Personally, I think it’d be a refreshing twist if, instead of the inevitable row, Zeedan and Rana invite Kate to live with them and the situation turns into a ménage á trois. What? Stranger things have happened.

Perhaps Zeedan will decide to beat Rana at her own game and begin a torrid affair with Sean. It could make for an interesting story, and let’s face it, Sean’s certainly in need of one of those. He hasn’t had anything meaningful to do for years: he only seems to appear at the bar of the Rovers once every other week, performing his trademark over-the-shoulder tea-towel flick and pouring the occasional pint. He’s such a non-entity right now that I doubt they’ll even bother to think of a reason to write him out once he starts appearing in Dancing on Ice next month, but you never know: perhaps his son in That London will conveniently fall ill and he’ll be forced to visit.

Speaking of people leaving, Anna Windass is on her way out (is it too much to hope that she’ll take Faye with her?). Perhaps Phelan won’t end up killing her after all and she’ll manage to escape into the sunset to reunite with Eddie in Germany, but I doubt it. The writers seem determined to make her exit storyline as harrowing as possible, to the point where it’s quite possible her final scenes will have her crawling around on bloody stumps looking for a bag of Immodium.

Corrie has always been a show with great villains, but Phelan’s starting to feel more than a little overpowered: he seems to have a crime network set up across Manchester that would make the Joker envious. (If anyone knows where he finds all those lads willing to carry out his evil deeds for him, do drop me a line.) I think his time on the show might finally be nearing its end – but on the other hand, maybe he should stay. If there’s one thing more frightening than Phelan on the rampage, it’s the thought of Eileen Grimshaw as a single woman once again.

Guest blog post from Stephen Leach who is on Twitter: @sirterenceboot

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