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Sunday Comments February 11

Shona leaves Eva in Toyah's hands and Toyah gets right down to it, confirming that it's Aidan's baby. Toyah seems ok about it but you know she's heartbroken. How do you tell someone that wants a baby so badly that you don't? Toyah takes Eve to the hospital after her fall to get checked out. Eva admits she doesn't feel anything about the baby, a difficult thing for Toyah to hear. While having the scan, Eva can barely glimpse the screen and when asked if she wants to know the sex, Toyah seems keen to know. When told it's a girl, Eva leaps up off the table and leaves.

Eva doesn't think she can raise a baby on her own, not with a reminder of what happened with Aidan. Toyah is trying to convince her to keep the baby and not make any decisions just yet. She doesn't have much time, though, at 17 weeks. Aidan finds her later and apologizes and he still doesn't get out that he's not back with Maria. Eva admits she doesn't think they can be friends, too much has happened. Toyah is starting to get on Eva's nerves. Eva doesn't know what to do. Toyah tells her she has another choice.

Leanne is back from visiting Janice. It went well apparently, same old Janice, getting trollied and taking the mick out of people. She leaves Oliver with Eva to go get herself changed. Toyah notices how easy Eva is with the little one but it's different, isn't it? You can love your wee relative without wanting one yourself. Toyah goes along with Eva to a doctor's appointment where she plans to go over all her options. Toyah just can't help putting pressure on Eva, though, afterwards asking if the doctor managed to talk her into keeping the baby. Then, alone, Eva books a termination. This decision has cheered her up and she goes to Adam to suggest they book a holiday.

Peter is enjoying converting the attic as a room for Simon. Toyah still hasn't told him about the baby.

Eva comes in after a night out on the town seeing as she doesn't expect to be pregnant after today. Toyah apologizes for putting pressure on Eva yesterday, agreeing that she's got a choice and it's *her* choice not Toyah's. But she still keeps putting subtle pressure on her and she doesn't even know about the termination yet. Eva later tells Shona about the termination and time at the clinic. Shona offers to go with her but when Toyah finds out, she decides to go instead and meets her there.

Toyah subtly keeps the pressure on and Eva admits that having the termination is the most difficult think she's had to do. Eva doesn't want to give the baby up but things would be too akward if she had it. She couldn't cope if Aidan knew about the baby. The nurse comes out to fetch Eva. Toyah tries one last thing. One of them wants a baby and can't have one and one is pregnant and can't have one. She has a proposal for Eva. Give the baby to her! She could go away somewhere and they would pretend the baby is Jacquie's. Oh this just gets worse and worse! But Eva seems to be considering it and cancels the termination for now.

Back at the pub, Peter and Leanne are out to a meal with Simon. Good thing, too, because the surrogate, Jacquie, comes in to see how Toyah and Peter are doing. Toyah manages to cover. When Peter comes back later, she lies and tells him that Jacquie is moving to Dubai where her husband has a new job. That gets her out of country and if Eva goes as well, they can do the baby switch. Eva's skeptical but agrees. Gary later tells Faye he's been in touch with Seb and Seb is ok but was too scared to tell Gary where he was staying. Tim mentions moving away to his dad's and is confident Sally will agree. I'm not so sure.

Toyah and Eva make plans for her to go away somewhere where there is good health care. But to Shona, Eva still has to pretend she's going to have a termination. I'd like to have a friend like Shona, wouldn't you?

Tim confronts Phelan about Seb's whereabouts but is brushed off. Faye is planning to move in with Gary but Tim persuades her to stay, promising he and Gary will find Seb and sort things out. Seb still hasn't turned up and Gary and Tim are worried that Phelan has done something to Seb. Anna gets sentenced today just to add to everyone's stress. Sarah wonders if she should go to support Gary. We find out that Anna has been sentenced to 5 years. Even half that for good behaviour is a lot. Faye is gutted and bereft and is rude to everyone. Gary reminds them all that Faye needs all of them.

Gary meets with a man that might give him a job called Bill, a man that also knows Phelan, quite well from the sound of it. Not sure why, just yet, but Phelan calls someone to see if he can get some dirt unearthed about Bill (see what I did there?). He finds out a bit of stuff but he's stopped in his tracks when Nicola walks in. She's there to apologize after reading about the trial in the newspaper. She felt guilty for not believing her father and for accusing him of other things. She also says her mother's old friend admitted she may have got the wrong end of the stick where Pat's involvement with her mother is concerned.

Gary spots Nicola's car and barges in on them. The two of them shout the odds at each other, Nicola firmly defending Phelan. Gary has no intention of building any bridges over this. Nicola tells Phelan she's staying with a friend and he invites her to stay with he and Eileen if she wants. A bit too close for comfort, if you ask me! I have my suspicions. Nicola is saying all the right things for someone that was so disillusioned in her father. And that "too good to be true" feeling you're getting is right.

Phelan got the job at the Mill and for some reason that means Gary doesn't get a job there. I guess that's because Phelan is the foreman in charge of hiring the crew and he'd never hire Gary. Nicola still has to clear the air with Gary. She takes him back to her flat and guess what? There's Seb! Seb has been staying with her and she believes his story. She's going to do whatever she can to bring her father down. The ultimate betrayal!

Meanwhile, Faye is worried and scared that Phelan might go after her next. Food for thought, from the look on Tim's face. Sally's not feeling very appreciated with her house getting fuller and fuller by the minute. Faye hates living across from Phelan and wants to move away. That gives Tim something to think about. later, after school in the cab office, Faye mentions moving closer to where her mother will be in prison but when Eileen arrives, Faye challenges her about Pat and Tim backs her. He reckons if she's supporting her husband, knowing what he's like then that's it. She's sacked! She brings Steve in later to fight her corner. Because it's true, you can't sack someone just because you don't like their husband!

Anyway, Tim is determined to take Faye to his father's home and wants Sally to come as well. She's got responsibilities and she doesn't think Phelan is a killer and neither does anyone else. Tim is really giving Eileen the cold shoulder.

All her friends try to convince Alya to help organize the fund raiser. Alya admits it still doesn't feel real sometimes. Kate tries to spend some time with Alya that evening but Alya ends up alone in her bedroom. Oh and it turns out Steph will be arriving that night for the funeral tomorrow.

On the morning of the funeral, Alya waits for Steph who comes to the shrine at the garage. Even under these circumstances, it's good to see Steph again! Phelan comes out of his house and is stopped in his tracks seeing the women stood there hugging.

There really were quite a few of Luke's exes and female admirers at the funeral, weren't there? Watching a coffin being carried in has to be one of the most heart wrenching sights of a funeral. Tim was definitely not pleased to see Phelan there. There were two police officers at the back as well. Kate recited a lovely poem Miss Me But Let Me Go. Steph talked about Luke's life and how close they were. I liked how she looked right at Phelan and said that bad people always get what they deserve.

Alya ran out when the curtain closed on the coffin to his favourite song. She feels guilty because she believes it was the racists and it was she that brought them into their lives. Andy's name comes up again, as you would expect and nobody's heard anything from Andy.

At the Bistro, Rana's brother drops in and tells her their parents are going to invest in the cafe that Zeedan wants to open. Rana can't stop watching Kate who keeps turning to Sophie for supportive hugs. That's gotta hurt. Kate is really suffering, not being able to be with Rana. Rana makes her way home, in tears where Zeedan finds her. He thinks it's just grief but she admits it. She's in love with someone else.

Eileen and Billy bring Summer home. Phelan greets them warmly. Eileen is angry at Todd's actions. Pat thinks Todd will be back. She apologizes for doubting him. Summer blames herself for what's happening with Todd. Billy does his best to soothe her. Later he hides how much pain he's in from her and takes the substitute pills that Adam had changed. Billy is necking his painkillers (paracetemol substitutions, you will recall). He's not heard from Todd yet and tells Eva he could be anywhere. Eva promises that she and Adam will be there for Billy but Adam is quickly on the phone to Geraldine to tell her that Summer is back without Todd. Geraldine doesn't waste any time coming for Summer who looks terrified. But she's a strong kid and stood up to her grandmother, politely but firmly. The next few scenes seemed rather rushed, she's home after school and has spoken to the police. Billy's going to make a sandwich and then Billy's in the pub with Eileen and Phelan, obviously having left her home alone. Later he asks Adam for his stronger painkillers, just what Adam was hoping for.

Gary and Sarah have most definitely made up. For now. Don't forget they're the flip flop couple! Shona warns Sarah it's not goign to be easy if she takes him back, because she'll have to cope with the baby and it's mother, too. She summons Gary to the pub later where they're very coy with each other. They may be getting back together but she needs to talk to Bethany and he needs to be there for Faye.

Bethany insists she'll move out if Sarah gets back together with Gary and fobs off her mother, grandmother and great-grandmother's worries about the lapdancing club. She's not working today and is going into town. Audrey comes up with the idea that the three of them go to the club to see what's what.

And they do exactly that even with the 20 pound cover charge! Lulu leads them to a table. Here's the inevitable just walking in the door. Bethany has been called in to work someone else's shift! I think her mother, gran and great gran are going to get more than they bargained for their 20 quid cover! Audrey at least, is having a grand time. One shared bottle of wine in and she's giggling about memories when the club used to be an Italian restaurant. It's quite funny, really. Wonderful dialogue by Damon Alexis-Rochfort.

When Bethany comes out on the tiny stage, all three of them cringe and try to hide. They are spotted before long and Bethany is horrified and mortified. Lulu doesn't like it either. Gail said they only wanted to check out the place, make sure it's safe. Bethany is hauled into the office. Yep, she got sacked but she's determined to find another club that will hire her. Sarah decided to go back to Tassels and talk to LuLu about Bethany and got her job back.

Sarah is still sighing over Gary and thinks seeing him with Nicola is significant. Instead, she thinks making a lasagna for her old mum is the right thing to do. Well possibly but it means Gail will have to wait another two hours to eat! Straight over to the corner shop, where we see Gary and he leans in for a kiss. Wait, did they get back together? Did they split up? it's going back and forth so much I forget what stage it's at! Apparently, yes, back together but with reservations and it sounds more like Sarah may be having second thoughts about the reunion after all.

Phelan mentions needing more bodies for the Mill project. Later, Sarah's behind the bar and she and Nicola give each other a cautionary look. At Nicola's house, she and Gary and Seb discuss Phelan's extreme reluctance to have Eileen go to look at the Mill project site. Gary doesn't know why Phelan would take on a huge job if he's cut costs so much that he isn't going to make any money. Nicola reckons he's hiding something. Gary points out that it would be difficult to look around. Unless, she says, Gary got a job on the site. He's not sure that's such a good idea but Nicola thinks Phelan will do it for her and the baby. He can't even tell Sarah and Faye like he wants in case they can't keep the secret. If they told someone then Phelan might come after them as well. More and more secrets and lies.

Nicola does manage to persuade Phelan to hire Gary on at the site. She won't take handoffs from him, needing her independence and Gary needs to take responsibility for the child. If they can't see eye to eye, she warns, they will never see that baby.

After Luke's funeral, Phelan tries to goad Gary by inviting him to the club where Bethany works, coming over all lascivious and predatory.

Tracy's is excited for their holiday in Paris. Amy is ticked off and tries to play the safety card. Steve knows every trick in the book and he's not bending that easily. He makes a deal. She goes two weeks without a phone, laptop and tablet and he'll get the phone for her birthday. Amy thinks about it and shakes on the deal but thinks it's all very unfair when her parents can't let go of their phones. She offers her father a deal. He has to go two weeks without his phone, too! Steve is still managing without his phone, so he says. It's like living in the 90s and as I recall he was the first one on the street to have a mobile phone back in the 90s when he was a cockey twentysomething, and Mike Baldwin followed suit just as soon as he saw Steve's!

Tyrone and Kevin discuss something to do to remember Luke, a charity fundraiser of some kind maybe. Kevin suggests darts. Tyrone goes for something a bit more adventurous, like sky diving. Tyrone lists off some of Luke's interests including drag racing. Tyrone runs the charity event past Zeedan who thinks it might be good for Alya to help with. Might give her something to focus on and she's good at things like that. A very cheeky chap full of swagger comes along and tells Ty he's applying for the job. His foot fits well into his mouth when he jokes "who died", noticing Ty and Zeedan's long faces and he thinks they're joking when they say the person he might be replacing at the garage died. Oops. He does apologize for getting it wrong.

Tyrone holds job interviews in a pub, outside in January, in the rain! Talk about being made of stern stuff! He seems to get on with Tyrone, though I question a CV where he's had a load of jobs all over the map. Why hasn't he stayed in one place very long? Josh did have a good idea, a charity boxing match and offers to help organize it.

Josh makes his debut in the pub and piques Maria's interest which is not all that unsurprising. She decides to join the boxing match for charity but David does't think it's a good idea which only makes her want to do it more. Later in the salon, Shona isn't best pleased to hear David sound so concerned that Maria seems to fancy Josh. She asks him about it later and he realizes she's a bit jealous and assures her he's only a mate with Maria. Shona also decides to join up the boxing match. David ends up signing up as wel but Shona doesn't like that idea because of his epilepsy. He decides to stick with it anyway unknown to her.

Gina comes running down the street with her arms over-full of clothes from the charity shop that she can make over. She's encountered Brian and has roped him in to help as a model. She is running from room to room, back and forth. She's all over the place. Brian finally manages to leave. Later in the pub, he tells Tyrone he doesn't think Gina is "quite right". Nice scene with the lads all talking about boxing, just like in the good old days of scenes going nowhere, just everyday stuff.

Kate is back from Devon dressed in something I think she found in a Muppet Museum (long blue shaggy jacket). Aidan greets her and they chat about Alya not coping and having a hard time dealing with the garage having to hire someone in Luke's place. Kate sees Rana coming out of the cafe but blanks her. Sophie meets Kate in the corner shop and asks her on a date, but Kate is annoyed when she finds out that Rana thought it was a good idea. She confronts Rana later but things are still as they were, with the two of them split up so the next time Kate sees Sophie, she agrees to a date after the funeral is done and dusted.

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