Sunday, 24 April 2011

Corrie Sunday Comments, April 24

Don't think Becky quite understood the concept of meaningful childhood memory. Mind you, I don't think she had a meaningful childhood, not the way we think of it, poor thing. Eddie trumped everyone saying his most treasured posession is his son! He's always such a wastrel and a pillock but every now and again you see a little glimpse of that heart underneath that dirty undershirt and long stringy hair!

Mary is determined that Hayley should have the wedding of her dreams. Mary's that is. Lovely old country estate, though very expensive. Have you ever noticed how Mary always insists on being the centre of attention?

Liz is determined to win that Fairest Barmaid competition, even to go so far as to rig the vote for who represents the Rovers! Who do you think should do it? Should the landlady? Or should it be Becky or Michelle? Ciaran was tactful, saying the competition was beneath Liz. Liz just can't stand growing old, that's always been clear.

Lloyd really has a thing for Cheryl. Now he's got her under his roof so she can get away from her violent husband. I wonder if she's just using him as a safe haven. What really scares me is her making excuses for Chris hitting her (under pressure, lost his job, etc) and Lloyd managed to lose Streetcars the contract with the club because he thought it was the idiot boss that hit Cheryl at first and thumped him. She finds temporary refuge with Lloyd but her husband sees them when he brings her back and she lies about where she's been and how she got home. She's not too bright is she? Chris wouldn't know she knew the cab driver so she could have just said she took a cab home. And guess what? Yep, running back to Lloyd with more bruises the next day and she goes running right back to Lloyd. And Lloyd says Chris doesn't know where he lives but he sure found Streetcars' office quick enough. Guess what? You found where Lloyd lives! And i don't blame Steve for getting upset, Lloyd had no reason to come up side him.

And Natasha most definitely has a thing for Nick but sometimes it feels like he doesn't even like her. I expect it is just a case of convenience. He still throws longing looks Leanne's way and he can't have her. Natasha offers herself on a plate and he's getting more and more tied in her web. She's got a key to the house, she's got an investment in his factory, now she's pushing for them to get a flat together.

Meanwhile, Nick's spending his days channeling Mike Baldwin and being perfectly horrible to the factory bees who are better than they look and get their order finished early. Take that you jumped up nobody! He's still pretending that Nick's Knicks is really just his way of keeping Underworld alive for when Carla comes back and is ready to take up the reins again. Anything to keep the workers sweet.

But it looks mighty suspicious to Sean and me too! Carla's back (with a beardless Trev who looks a little like Liam now, don't you think?) and it didn't take her long to suss out the little toad.

Wait, why did Jason let Tina up to the flat to get all her things? I thought he threw them all out at her in binbags last week? David's trying a different tactic, stealth tactics, in his campaign to undermine Graeme and Tina by playing mind games. She couldn't possibly fancy you, she still loves Jason and all that. Enough to put a few doubts in Graeme's mind. And launching a tirade over every negative thing that Tina's done, when you put it all out like that, she certainly doesn't seem like much of a prize, does she?

Well they don't let it get them down for awhile. Graeme takes her on a romantic picnic in the rickshaw and we hear a little more about his boyhood. They both end up with temporary homes, she with Rita and he with the perennial landlady Emily who's taken in more lost lodgers over the years than she's had hot dinners! I do wonder why Tina didn't go to her mother's. They couldn't have fallen that far out, have they? I know her mother didn't go to Joe's funeral but Tina didn't seem to take that too personally.

Do you remember that word game some of the characters were playing in the pub, putting names to a series of alphabet letters? One of the names was Beryl Bainbridge and did you know that Beryl was once a cast member, one of Ken's many women from back in 1961? She had actually passed away just after all this would have been filmed and about the time it aired in the U.K. Nice tribute!

Then there was the dinner party from hell between the Barlows, Deirdre is making stuffed marrow (wtf is that anyway?) and then offers ketchup all around. Class. Ken says conversation should be like debate on the left bank and Audrey thinks that's in London! *snort* so much for putting on airs! Audrey and Lewis with Deirdre practically swooning over the dinner table at Lewis and he smoothly winning them all over, much to Audrey's chagrin. Ken thinks Lewis is refined and cultured, much like himself (snort) when it's really all a fake facade. Lewis gathers just enough knowledge of lots of things to be able to get by with the dating scene, really.

Ken's all up in the library ladders of his fantasy office/study but Deirdre sure brings him down with a clatter, spilling the beans about his escort days. Zing! And saved by the doorbell when Liz arrives! Audrey is all head over heels over Lewis and doesn't want him to find out she's almost 70. I don't think it's going to be any surprise, do you? He looks like he might be in his late 50s, maybe early 60s if he's well preserved. Why hasn't anyone mentioned that he's younger than Audrey, i wonder? It's obviously why she's lying about her age.

Sean's back and getting upset with all the adoption talk because it makes him miss his little boy, the one he and the turkey baster had with Violet. So far his attempts at contacting her through the Facebook clone have not been successful so a bottle of wine and a friend (Michelle) and a new plan is cracked. He says she doesn't know if Violet's mates are on Face"scene" but that's a bit of a plot hole. He was a friend of Violet for a long time before she came to our screens and would know her mates and know if they're on the social network scene. That aside, what's the plan, then? Pretend to be Liz using the photos Michelle took for the barmaid thing that seems to have died a swift death and bob's your uncle. Contact! aww i think i had a little tear in my eye when Sean first saw photos of baby Dylan!

Julie must be desperate if she's lusting after Nick. Stick with Ciaran-fantasies, lass! Trevor brought Janice back a wooden elephant from South Africa where I'm not really sure they actually live (other parts of Africa, yes) but i may be wrong. And her name is spelled wrong so he says she can always return it. To where? A South African tourist shop?

Musical atmosphere: Poker Face playing in the pub while David was intently watching Graeme and Tina after his undermining of Graeme's self esteem in the gents'. I see they've improved the lighting in the temporary factory.


Anonymous said...

I am happy that Graeme and Tina are a couple. I think both actors are really talented.

The storyline concerning Lloyd's relationship with an abused woman seems more like a public education announcement about wife battery. The sad and sorry excuses given for staying with a batterer are so cliched, I cannot help but think this plot is meant to make some people think and get out. Good way to reach the masses! Very clever.

Tvor said...

Cheryl making excuses is realistic, though. Men like Chris wear their partners down until they believe they are at fault or deserve it. It *is* sad and scary and lot of women also stay for the sake of the kid. I'd be afraid the batterer would start hurting the child, too.

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