Monday, 25 April 2011

Corrie weekly awards: April 18 - 22

How much trouble can booze cause? award: Wine star: Sean and Michelle up to mischief; Ken, Deirdre, Audrey and Lewis having the dinner party from hell.

Boyfriend Competition award: Gold Star: Jason and David arguing which one of them has more right to be pissed off at Tina.

I Need A Man award: Horny star: Julie! Dear heavens, she's drooling over almost anything in trousers these days! Runner up: Deirdre lusting after Lewis.

Hates to lose control of the situation award: Gold Star: Chris, Cheryl's husband
Silver Star: Mary.

He's Back, Beardless, and even More Gorgeous award: Gold Star: Too Tall Trev. Wow.

Suck Up award (In conjunction with an award for massively underestimating Carla): Gold Star: Nick. Carla's back so he's giving the workers a bonus and being nice but he's up against a formidable force.
Silver star: Chris for promising Cheryl: "It won't happen again"

Fashion award of the week: Eileen's paper crown and Graeme's peakless caps and hoodless hoodies!

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire award: Gold star: Liz rigged the vote!

Reality Check award: Gold Star: Lloyd keeps mooning over Cheryl but seeing her with her husband and child like a happy family makes him think twice.
Silver Star: Liz was shown the light and it hurt!

Lines of the Week:
Ken: "Food isn't important, Deirdre, conversation is!" (But when the shoe was on the other foot, Ken was changing the subject!)

Eddie: "My special something is my son." (Aww, sometimes he really does pull a blinder!)
Tina to Graeme: "Were you born yesterday?" Graeme: "1990."
Cheryl: "I probably deserved it." (Oh that makes my blood chill!)
Rita "I have a very high boredom threshold, it comes from years of standing next to him (Norris)"
Rita: "Norris, would you get me a Garibaldi biscuit as well." Norris: "What did your last slave die of?" Rita: "Insolence. Chop, chop."
Sean: "Fat men in lycra, Julie, if i want to see that I'll pop down to the YMCA!"
Lewis to Deirdre: "You are a very naughty girl!" (And doesn't she love it!)

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