Saturday, 23 April 2011

Nick and our Leanne

Nick and Leanne are starting to cross paths.  Not that difficult when you live on the same street but still it takes me back to 1998.

I will admit right now that I did not watch Corrie back then but living in the UK you always knew what the story line was thanks to the actors making appearances on the Saturday morning TV shows and the cover of the TV Quick.  I do remember watching the episode in which they went up to Gretna Green to wed.  I loved the dress she wore with the simple tiara and also felt the worried shock that Nick did when she said 'I nicked it from Top Shop'.

I think I also had a slight crush on Adam Rickett, Ben Price's predecessor.  I liked his hair.  Two years later I was up there in Gretna getting wed myself but I wasn't 16 and I had my family's approval.  Such a charming little village.

I found this blog which is a great reminder of Leanne and Nick's history.  I am interest to see what happens and I know I'm not the only one.


Tvor said...

Adam Rickett never did much for me. He was a terrible actor and never really got any better unfortunately. Ben Price looks a bit too old for Nick but I think he's better at the job.

Tiddsmom said...

I agree with you there Tvor. I wonder where Rickett is now?

Tvor said...

He went to New Zealand where he was in a soap there and did fairly well. He had big plans to live there and become a citizen but his character was killed off and he's apparently back in the UK now. Don't know what he's doing.

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