Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Look who's back on Corrie this week!

It's a wonderful week for Coronation Street this week as Sally Webster returns on Friday night.

It'll be fantastic to have Sally back on the Street especially as it means actress Sally Dynevor is back to work after her fight with breast cancer.

Sally will be celebrating her birthday on Corrie this week.

We at Bluenose Corrie Blog Towers are all pleased as punch to see Sally Dyvenor back on screen as Sally Webster and boy, does Sally have a long row to hoe now she's recovered her health! She's got to deal with Sophie's new girlfriend and will eventually have to deal with Kevin's infidelity. But what makes Sally tick? Has Sally really changed all that much over the years? I think she's progressed in a logical fashion.

Blog post about her over here!

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