Monday, 11 April 2011

Vicky Binns in Halifax this week (Minor spoiler below)

Tomorrow night is the Downeast Streeters event in Halifax, N.S., "An Evening With", hosting a Corrie star in Halifax. The Streeters have been putting these events on since 2002 most years. The actor that's featured at this year's event is the woman that played Molly Dobbs, Vicky Binns. She's not on the show in the UK now but she is still here on Canadian screens because we're 10 months behind the UK storyline.

Apparently she's arrived in the city so the show will go ahead as planned. You never know about these things! Between problems with the flights and weather issues, anything can happen but we've been lucky to date with only one near miss due to flight problems a few years ago. I'm going to be working at the event tomorrow night as always and I've taken a room at the hotel and taking Wednesday off as well. It's so much easier than getting home exhausted late at night and hauling out of bed in the morning. I'll still get up earlyish but I can then go home and relax, sort through my photos and do a write up for my Corrie website and blogs!

Yes, we in Canada are 10 months behind the UK timeline. What we see on our screens this week aired in mid-June last year. Damn you, CBC! Well, it's not a big deal for me anymore since I download the UK episodes so am up to date, but it's still irrirtating that CBC let us fall so far behind for no real good reason. They used to be only 6 weeks behind but as the show aired more often weekly in the UK it took CBC awhile to go the same route and then when CBC shows the Olympics, they don't show Corrie for the two weeks. They used to catch up with extra episodes but they stopped that years ago. When there's extra episodes in the UK or hour long episodes, CBC doesn't put the extra on that week so you fall further behind. They caught up a couple of months a few years ago when CBC was on strike and they doubled up to fill some of the air time. It's creeping up again now, though.

Anyway, all that aside, tomorrow's show will be fun. They always are. The actors always have great behind the scenes stories. Ms. Binns has been on the show about (without looking it up) 6 or 7 years maybe? Possibly a little less.

As you know, Molly, her character, had an affair with Kevin, her husband Tyrone's best friend and business partner. The man that plays Kevin, Michael LeVell, was here in Halifax 2 years ago, just before that affair started on screen. It was just a rumor then and he said he hoped it wasn't going to happen because it wasn't really in character but it did. It was dreadful but it did provide some long time repercussions, I'll give it that. Molly is now pregnant and doesn't know who the father of the baby is. (I know but I'm not saying so as not to spoil things)

Anyway, enough of that. I must remember to get my event ticket off the top of the fridge or they won't let me in! I'll be blogging about the event of course and linking to photos I take. There may be spoilers in the write up. The actors usually do let a few things slip though most generally try to be circumspect about spoilers.

There are some tickets left ($27) but you might only be able to get them today. Celtic Traditions in Spring Garden Place, Edgewood Cafe on Baker Drive in Dartmouth and possibly still some left at Ed's Unique Gifts at 10 Akerly Blvd in Burnside. They don't sell them at the door.

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Deborah said...

Have a great evening tomorrow! I'll look forward to your write up and photos. :)

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