Monday, 18 April 2011

Corrie weekly awards: April 11 - 15

Who's the Fairest of them all award: Liz looking in the mirror, considering her chances as Fairest Barmaid "Who's the fairest one of all?" Not you, honey. (but having said that, I do like Liz!) I think this Fairest Barmaid competition is going to be a bloody battle, Take No Prisoners.

Get a Room award: Mushy star: Roy and Hayley. Innit nice to see them all loved up?

You Can't Be Friends with Both of Us award: Gold Star: Mary Taylor, pushing Anna away and taking over the wedding planning.

Addicted to danger award: Gold Star: John Stape. Idiot. Selfish idiot.
Silver: Graeme. The love of a good woman. Was it worth the rage of a former best friend?

Another sucker to wind up award: Gold Star: Nick. Last week it was Peter, this week it's Jason. My God I want to bitch-slap that Tilsley!

Peacemaker award: Gold Star: Must as it pains me to say it, John for getting Ches and Fiz on the same side finally.

I need new underpants award: Gold Star: Stape is discovered! Why didn't he just say, yes, I just used his name for the conference? He's an idiot! That's why!

She's *that* into you award: Gold star: Charlotte. Using Colin's Facebook status as an excuse to see John and wind him up with a few well-chosen but cringeworthy chat up lines.

The Twilight Zone award: Chesney looked like Fiz was losing her mind saying Charlotte, one of his ex teachers, was her good friend.

Who peed in your cornflakes award: Gold Star: Michelle and her jealous attitude toward Ciaran.

Is it any of your business? award: Gold Star: Mary sticking her two pennies in to Tina and Graeme having upset half the Street.

Lines of the Week:
Graeme: Just spreading a little joy, Noz!
Eileen to Jason "Seems like she dumps you every other week. I think it's her way of showing she cares."
Fiz to John about Charlotte "She knows our secret, she's got a big mouth and she fancies you!"
Deirdre "When you're public enemy number 1 like we are round here at the moment, you develop a seige mentality."
Charlotte to John: "I used to think you were boring!" (you were right) and "Wherever you go, I go" (I think he's got a ready made stalker, hot for his form!)
Rosie to Fiz: "Charlotte 'Church' we called her. She gets very busy on a Sunday!"
Tina: "When did people stop having problems and start having issues?"
Charlotte about her fashion sense "I buck the trend!
Graeme "I did think of rebuffing her for about a nanosecond"
David "She's destroyed us, like she's destroyed everything she comes in contact with" (so why do you still call her "My Tina"?)
Liz "I am the face of the Rovers" (a 100+ year old, worn at the edges little back street pub. Yes, i see the connection!)
Graeme: "He has cut the hoods off all me hoodies." Norris: "I have the same impulse every time I see them!"

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