Monday, 11 April 2011

Corrie weekly awards: April 5 - 8

Please Don't Wear the Gold Bikini award: Mary in her Princess Leia get up. And being all territorial about the Kabin. I think that woman has totally lost the plot.

Mike Baldwin in the making award: Gold Star: Nick. "Who's Carla?" indeed!

Retcon award: Platinum Star: Fiz. She wants Ches to sit his GCSEs to have a better life than she did. But when Fiz first came to the Street, we found out she had 7 or 8 GCSEs! So has all that disappeared?

Anything in skirts award: Gold Star: Ciaran will flirt with *anyone*! (or almost) Did he really ask Tina what her sign is?

You Just Can't Help Yourself: Gold Star: Nick again, he keeps stirring up Peter and looking very smug when he gets a reaction.

Serendipity award: Izzy's dad found out the landlady's name and called her Elizabeth (like Jim does) and he's got a daughter named Katy, like Liz did.

For old times' sake award: Nick giving Leanne the sob story to get info on renting the Joinery.

Fashion Award of the week goes Carla and Trev for the wooly England hats (a bit warm for South Africa innit?)

Lines of the Week:
Fiz about French: "It's like a different language" (um.)
Mary: "I've never been happier to lose a fiver in my life" (Yes but you still thought the jury was wrong)
Roy to Fiz: "You don't think he's been bullied?" Fiz: "If he hasn't been, I'll flaming batter him!"
Mary: "Mother wouldn't allow any films like that (Star Wars). Sex, violence or robots. Or talking animals... volcanos, monks, haunted vehicles of any kind." (That explains so much.)
Peter to Leanne: "You're making a big show of yourself" (and you and your jealousy aren't?)
Ciaran "Sometimes this place is like God's waiting room!"
Norris "Speed dating is like fast food. Instant gratification with a greasy aftertaste and a deep regret"

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