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Corrie Sunday Comments, April 3

Off we go for another week of Sunday comments. Don't forget to check the Bluenose Corrie Blog tomorrow for Lines of the week and weekly awards!

Tony was absolutely gleeful much of the time he was taunting the hostages! But Carla certainly knows how to find his hot spots to mess with him. Hayley just quivvered and cried, scared silly. What was it Tony wanted unloaded? Why, jerry cans of gas, of course! It might have looked as if he only had one can but i think Robbie left the rest by the door. That's what exploded. Meanwhile, Tony was very surprised there was no money in the safe. I was very surprised that Carla never changed the combination. Oh and by the way, how does Tony even still have an accountant? Probably as crooked as he is!

Hayley was every so nice to Robbie and absolved him of blame, as a fellow victim of Tony which had the (probably) anticipated result of driving a wedge between Robbie and Tony, fuelled by the missing cash in the first place. Oh Crap! Tony really must be round the twist! He usually gets other people to do his dirty work. I don't think he even expected that he'd actually kill Robbie, himself. He looked pretty shocked. Poor Robbie, he was an armed robber but not a killer and that's what did him in. That in itself is the turning point for Tony, the straw that breaks his fragile sanity's back.

Then comes along sweet little Maria and she got dragged into it all too. No chance that Tony would have hurt her though i think her presence actually pushed him a bit further off the rails, thinking about what he lost...though she certainly took her time telling people where he was when she finally was let go and got herself into the pub! Shock does funny things to one! And once she started, she couldn't shut up even though the police didn't want a panic to start. You gotta love Becky. No panic there but she was the only one trying to do something while all the men stood there and watched! The cops and a television crew hot on their wheels came around the corner pretty quick once called.

Maybe Roy getting under Tony's skin again was why he finally let Hayley go. Now it's down to just him and Carla and it didn't look too good but feisty Carla always fights back. She's a survivor and was bound and determined. Too bad her aim is off by a few inches, she could have killed Tony but only nicked him in the arm. What a fight though, eh? My heart was in my throat at one point. Fire raging, Carla and Tony rolling around fighting for the gun. Tony must have a pretty thick skull. She walloped him on the head with the chair and didn't knock him out! Carla managed to get out and Tony decided it was better to go up in flames as the rest of the gasoline blows the factory up!

In the aftermath, were you surprised the factory was still standing? I guess the fire brigade finally got there, and they must have got the fire out pretty sharpish. Speaking of which, that fire went on for long enough that the factory sprinkler system should have triggered but it didn't, not that we saw. No damage at all to either the garage or Gail's house and where were Nick and David? They weren't in the pub, so they must have been in the house. Didn't they notice the sniper on the roof and the lights flashing? Carla was in hospital and Trevor had to tell her her injuries. She was awake when she escaped, presumably she didn't pass out and stay that way until she woke up the morning after. And how is it right that the police are considering charges against Carla for self defence?? Procedure my arse...there's plenty enough leeway to make an inquiry and drop the whole matter. Yet no, they arrest her for assault and possession of a firearm and that, my friends, is what's wrong with this world!

Now, a confusion... Tony told the women they could scream all they wanted. Nobody would hear them inside the factory and that's probably true or the neighbours would complain about the machine noise. But someone screamed in the factory and Nick and David were still half way down the street approaching their house .... "Did you hear that? Sounded like a scream" and a little holler by Roy at the door was heard well inside the factory, too. So which is it? And did you notice how it got dark in the minutes between Hayley being shoved out the door in broad daylight and after the ad break, they were walking her away and it was full on dark outside. need to get a life because you have no business. Why bother Carla now about it? How did Maria manage to get rid of LadRags? She went to see Carla about it but the discussion never got past some arguing at the door before Tony pulled her inside.

Kirk is such a dip isn't he? Did you hear him wondering about his "Wagon wheels" in his locker in the factory and then he saw a policemen eating one? I'm sure he thought it was one of his! lol! In the hospital afterwards,  I'm surprised Carla had her phone with her since it was not exactly in her pocket through the whole captivity thing and she didn't stop to get it before fighting Tony off.

And now to the trial...

On Day 3, David finally told the truth, contradicting his mother's testimony. For once he was honest and the old "boy who cries wolf" syndrome now kicks in. Everyone thinks he's lying since he always did, lying to save his mother. Wow, if that was the only testimony, you might actually think Gail was guilty! Now there's a lot of reasons why Gail *should* be jailed but this really isn't one of them, is it? Still, the prosecution was practically rubbing their hands and drooling in anticipation. It's for sure they're all thinking things are pretty grim. Odd that everyone would go to the courthouse and not know when the jury would come in. You mean they'd have hung out there every single day the jury was out deciding?

Nice of the jury to wait until after the seige to come back with a decision! Not guilty, of course. (Oh shut up, Tina!) Plenty of reasonable doubt, i should say. Mary and Norris thoroughly disgusted me, betting on the outcome and discussing it where everyone could hear. Nice to see Eileen come to see Gail at the house and express her pleasure at Gail's release. She might not like Gail, but she's fair about some things, is Eileen.

And you can view the comments from your friendly neighbourhood Court reporter, Day 3 at the trial and The Verdict

It didn't take long for Tracy to find out the police weren't going to broker any sort of deal and took even less time for Lynn's (Gail's cellmate) friends to gang up on Tracy and teach her a lesson for "grassing". When will Deirdre learn that she can't trust a thing that Tracy says? Why is she always surprised to find out she spawned a madwoman? She's saying that Tracy deserved the beating but you know in a few weeks she'll be back defending Tracy with her last breath. I don't know why Gail wouldn't believe that Deirdre had no idea Tracy was lying. She has known Deirdre long enough to know that Tracy leads her mother around by the nose and Deirdre has very firm blinders on, much like Gail does about her kids but Deirdre is far worse!

Gary's back on leave, proper leave this time and he's getting close to Izzy. I kind of think they have good chemistry, actually but her father seems a bit of a control freak. Chesney might be investigating girly magazines, John thinks, but really, he's been skipping school and selling dog collars on the market instead of studying. Except for Business Studies. I guess he thinks that will help him sell dog collars. Trevor ended up being the one that pulled out of the World Cup trip so the rest of the lads seemed happy enough to melt back into the woodwork so that their partners wouldn't kick the crap out of them for spending all that money! And Maria has rented the salon flat for Kirk to live in so he's got somewhere to live.

Have you noticed The new opening credits that were done when Corrie started broadcasting in HD last year? Lovely!

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