Monday, 4 April 2011

Corrie weekly awards: March 28 - April 1

Best. Pyrotechnics. Ever! (at least up to now!)

Pointed Stick (aka Get out of my head) award: Gold Star: Carla for continuing to provoke Tony all the way to a bullet through Robbie's heart and a near-miss with the fire and explosion.
Silver Star:Roy keeps getting under Tony's skin!

Don't just stand there award: Gold Star: Maria... just stood there in the pub in shock.

The boy who cried wolf award: Gold Star: David Platt on the witness stand. He finally tells the truth and he's made out to be the liar he *usually* is. So much for that witness.

Putting old ghosts and grudges to rest award: Carla and Maria.

Procedure my arse! award: The cops charging Carla with assault? You've *got* to be kidding!

Mobile Phones and Idiots don't mix award: Nick Tilsley. Hang up already. You want to run the factory, run it!

Tower of strength award: Gold star: Tall Trevor, quite literally.

And on a lighter note, the Fashion statement of the week: Izzy's flower ring!

Lines of the Week:
Carla to Tony: "You're just an under-endowed Scotch psycho"
Audrey: "I know she didn't do it and *I* think she's guilty!"
Julie: "Carla and Nick have said our jobs are safe?" Janice: "Morticia and Max Headroom?" (He SO looks like it, too!)
Tony: "It's going to be awful hot where we're going!"
Carla to Tony "Is it too late to say I'm Sorry?" (just a bit!)
Hayley: "I'd rather be talking about the Flying Scotsman than the Lying Scotsman"
Jury: "Not Guilty" (Was there every any doubt?)
Mary: "The Law's a toothless Tiger" (And Norris is encouraging her by telling her she's got a way with words. Stalker anyone?)
Tracy: "Get real Mam, she's (Gail) collateral damage" and about Amy: "She'll worry if she can't see me" (she doesn't see you anyway most of the time)

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