Monday, 13 February 2012

Corrie Canadian weekly awards: February 6 - 10

Both feet in mouth disease: Shoe leather star: Lloyd for his remark to Chris about losing the will to live watching a dvd box set repeatedly. Ouch.

Rock and a Hard Place award: Stony Star: Carla really put Peter in a difficult spot when she confessed to him.

Selective memory award: Chris is using his illness, pretending to have memory loss to cause trouble between Lloyd and Cheryl.

Eggshell carpet has now been shifted into Lloyd and Cheryl's house.

Fashion don't: Only prats tie their clothing around their shoulders (remember Jools?)

Magic phone number award: Gold Star: Ty gets a phone number from a woman and he's on top of the world.
Pants on Fire award: Peter now has to lie to the police and Leanne. Again.

Misguided award: Gold Star: Sean breaking up with Marcus because Marcus wants a child and Sean doesn't. Fortunately, Marcus wouldn't accept it.

Family Fortunes award: Brass star: Doesn't Tracy have a bank account full of cash from Blanche?

I love the cake top!!!

Lines of the Week:
From Last week i think:

Sylvia "What am I doing here? Waiting to die?" (They should have had her say "Waiting for God?" LOL!)
Sylvia "I have survived the Blitz and four Labour Governments"
Roy "Can you hear something?" Dennis "Unless it's the ghost of Martha Longhurst" Roy "Who?" Dennis "Before your time" (I LOVE it when they throw in little tid bits to the past like that!)

And this week:
Simon "I can't go to school, I've had a trauma!" (cheeky!)
Tyrone "I've been a mechanic long enough to know a write off when I see it" (Aw he's lovely, really)
Frank to Carla "What must your exes have been like if you are afraid to trust" (how much time have you got?)
Carla "Why do you keep coming back to me?" Peter "Because you won't let me go!"
Steve to Deirdre about Tracy "She just loads the bullets and points you in my direction!"
Carla "Why can't men ever tell the difference between endearing and irritating?"
Frank "There's a fine line between spontaneous and bulldozing your way forward"
Sally "It's not just a marraige, it's a merger!"
Kirsty "No such thing as too keen in my book" (pushy?)
Frank to Carla "I think our fate is firmly in our own hands" (Talk about a portent of doom!)
Maria to Kirk "You'll meet the girl of your dreams someday" Kirk "I hope not, she's quite scary!"

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