Saturday, 5 April 2014

Charlie Condou admits Maria and Marcus were never meant to last

Recently at the TRIC awards, Charlie Condou spoke to someone from BANG Showbiz about his current storyline to do with his affair with Todd Grimshaw. He admitted that Marcus loves Maria but knew it wouldn't end well. So it l proved when Maria walks in on Todd and Marcus this week. Marcus and Maria are meant to be viewing another house. Todd knows this and manipulates the situation so that he and Marcus are alone in the house. The inevitable happens just as Maria walks in, exactly as Todd had planned.

Charlie thinks Marcus realizes what Todd is up to on some level. "I think he's not stupid, Marcus ... he's already getting a sense that he's being played, and I think that comes out quite quickly. Todd knew that Maria was coming, but Marcus is very attracted to Todd and there's a lot of chemistry there, he can't keep away from him. It's head and heart in a lot of ways ... I think he's trying to fight off the inevitable. There's going to be a lot of heartache coming in the next few weeks."

Maria is going to take this very badly and may even come close to a breakdown, if the spoilers are correct. We know this will soon lead to Charlie Condou's exit from the show, more's the pity. There's been a lot of exits lately and a few more to come.

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