Monday, 21 April 2014

Corrie Canada weekly awards April 14 - 18

Timeshare award: Tina is having trouble keeping Peter in one place for 5 minutes so she can drop the bombshell.

Abandoned award: Eva feels second best again.

Dirty Laundry award: Kylie spilled all of Gail's horrifying past events to the PC

Lesser of two evils award: Tim admitted Maddie attacked him. Easier than 'splaining why he didn't tell Sally about Maddie and Sophie as a couple.

Off the wagon award: Peter, of course.

Dead Man Walking award: Peter.

A Chorus Line award: The girls serenading Stella off in a black cab.

Who is that woman? We actually saw Michelle without that wide streak of black eyeliner!

Dodge a bullet award: Peter only has one of his women pregnant, not the mistress, too.

Naive award: Tina. Nick.

Lines of the Week:
Michelle "Steve and a secret is like a kid with a bag of sweets he's not supposed to have"
Rob to Carla "Keep your money. I'm your brother"
Tina to Peter "It's my turn!"
Eva about Carla "She looks like she'd rip the head off a puppy if it looked at her funny"
Kylie "We've got nowt to nick except a telly and a box of Lego"
Carla "I'm hardly flipping Mary Poppins, am I?"
Peter "I'm going to be pushing around a zimmer frame by the time that kid leaves school!"
Owen "Why are you doing this?" Phelan "Why does anyone do anything? Fun? Spite? Power trip? All of the above?"
Sally "What are they doing, then?" Maddie "Each Other" (Blunt award?)
Eva "Living in a flat above the kebab shop? I don't know if i can stand the glamour"
Carla to Peter "And you didn't have a drink to celebrate?" (well he did, but it wasn't a celebration!)
Kirk about the gym "How long has this been here?"
Tracy "Why would any woman cheat on you?" (High sarcasm) Kirk "Thanks Tracy!!!"

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Anonymous said...

The best part of Peter and Tina's affair was having Steve find out!!! His reaction, the one-liners, the planted pot story, the meeting in the ginnel and the continued reaction have been marvelous!

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