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Sunday Comments - April 20

A bad, busy day couldn't come at a worse time when Carla's trying to tell Peter she's pregnant and everything keeps going wrong. Kirk loses the keys to the van and a delivery is late, Eva comes in the office without knocking and they all get an ear bashing from Carla who's on edge. Rob helps out while Peter's missing at a meeting and then trying to get 5 minutes from an insistent Tina and Peter's not too pleased to see Rob there when he runs out on Tina after a crisis text from the factory. Finally, Carla gets to tell him the news and boy, is he shocked. In the end, though, Peter feels bad that he wasn't there for Carla to lean on.

He's ok, with it, though, and supportive. It's a lot to get his head around. She's scared of it all but it looks like he's going to be supportive. He really does love her and this probably puts it all in perspective. Tina was a mistake. She doesn't realize it yet. Why on earth would she go charging towards he and Carla in the middle of the street? And she keeps shadowing Peter but he's avoiding her.

And no wonder Tina was so anxious to see Peter! He really should just have turned off his phone! And trotting out that old excuse about an AA friend? Surely Carla would remember he used the same one on Leanne when he was seeing her. Anyway now Tina thinks she's pregnant too! If you think he was shocked before, I think Peter needs new shorts after this! That's tipped him over the edge into a panic attack and right into a bottle. I don't suppose you can blame him! Steve has to rescue Peter and of course, Steve and his bright ideas, he figures it's better to keep Peter out of Carla's way so they end up in a room over the pub together. And another cat's out of the bag because he told Steve about Tina.

Steve covered Peter's backside over the drinking but there's still the little matter of the big secret that Steve now knows. But it was funny, the scenes between the two of them in the B and B! And again, Michelle, angry as a wet hen and under normal circumstances, she should be but still over the top treating Steve like a child, dragging him down the street by his ear. HIS EAR!!! Even Liz noticed. OH I hope i live to see the day when he tosses her out on her backside!!

Is Tina pregnant or not? She was determined to wave that stick under Peter's nose (ew) Meanwhile he's shaking for the need of a drink after his bender. Well Tina's not pregnant and Peter dumped her. Her attitude was basically bullying Peter and he took the grown-up stance. He was right, though, there was more to her possible pregnancy than just the two of them. She wouldn't have to give this one away. But the speech he made to her, about not thinking he would be any good going through fatherhood again, he didn't want it again, and he knows Carla's pregnant but Tina doesn't. When she finds that out, she's really not going to take that or the rejection lying down, little madam. A woman scorned is a dangerous thing. And Peter better get that used pregnancy test out of the way quick, like, before Carla gets home.

Julie's still running around trying to figure out charity events. Her idea is a ladies' night at the Bistro with sexy outfit exchanges (yeah, that's good, considering how different in sizes they all are) and an auction and Roy thinks a sponsored walk is good, too. Ladies' Night wasn't all that raucous, I thought. One man in the place, Kal, and he wasn't even mobbed!

Stella is leaving for New York and Eva's narked she told Leanne first, feeling abandoned. even worse, she's leaving in 2 days and her mother's going to the other side of the ocean. Ok, Eva's upset and she's a right to be but Stella did handle it badly. Nice that Dev came to say goodbye. And nice serenade, though, a chorus or two of New York, New York. Now Eva and Leanne are moving in together over the kebab shop and Eva's already got suspicions about Leanne and Kal. Nick has noticed something, too. UH OH. Eva nosed in and tried to get info out of Sharif. This is going to end in tears, isn't it? And Nick is uttering so many Soap Opera Phrases of Doom, that when he does find out Kal fancies Leanne and she fancies him, he's going to hit the mother of backslides into that wild and crazy guy he was after the accident, it's still there lurking just under the surface.

The gym is opening thanks to the miracle builders. First one through the door is Norris for the free coffee. Deja Vu (When Rob took over the Bookies'). Jason suggested Roy could join the gym. Now *that* I'd love to see!! The gym does look nice.

Sally's spying on Sophie and Maddie wherever she can and isn't pleased that Kevin ended up giving Sophie cash because Maddie will get her mitts on it. the only fun part of this storyline is watching Sally go spare. Kevin was good with Sophie and was understanding but he was right, they shouldn't be lying to Sally. I do love that Maddie can wind up Sally so easily. Bluntly, too. Tim had to admit that it was Maddie that beat him up so that Sally wouldn't hold it against him for knowing about Sophie and Maddie and not telling her. Lesser of two evils, I guess. Well, she's driving Maddie out and Sophie into a 12 year old's temper tantrum.

Rob and Tracy's 6 months rent-free is over and Peter upped their rent by a considerable amount more than he probably originally intended. Gives Rob more reason to dislike Peter, I guess. Now they're going to get into a deal with Tony? That's got to be bad news. I can't blame Peter for wanting Rob to start paying rent. He owns the shop, he's got a mortgage and taxes to pay. It was the deal in the first place, after all.

Aw, i think Roy must realize money's tight at the Windasses too, bringing over leftover food. Beth seemed to bounce back from the ego kicking. She's going to spend the money on herself. But she did take it personally that someone asked her to join the gym. They're asking everyone, luv!

Owen wants to do extra work on the side. Turns out the Council has blacklisted him and that's another reason to blame Gary because Owen is sure it's another one of Phelan's interferences. You can see Phelan is absolutely delighted at all the trouble he's causing Owen. And money is already tight so Tim ends up having to stump up all the money for Faye's trip, with Sally helping of course. Anna appeals to Valerie who is a right cold hearted bitch isn't she? Even when Anna said Phelan was flirting with her, it didn't phase Valerie who knew about Gary attacking Pat and really, she couldn't care less about him chasing Anna. I bet he does stuff like that all the time. I keep thinking that if Phelan ends up dead, it will be at Val's hand.

Gail has to id from photos and is reliving it all. I laughed at Kylie pointing out how she got through all those horrific things in her past like a murdered husband, Hillman and being banged up for allegedly murdering Joe McIntyre! She identified the guy, though, just the same. Kylie's been great with Gail.

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