Monday, 14 April 2014

Corrie Canada weekly awards: April 7 - 11

Enemy Mine award: Things are not going to be cozy back at Number 9 now!

My Most Embarassing Moment award: Eva calling Kal out on rejecting Stella in front of both Stella and Leanne (not knowing about his crush on Leanne)

Environmentally unaware award: Tina has no clue when it comes to fancy menus spouting about locally sourced food.

Subterfuge award: Gary and Owen are planning on ripping Phelan off which turned into the Worst Idea Ever award with the breakin.

Horseshoe award: Talk about luck! Stop someone from taking a handbag and get a 5000 quid reward!

Turn of phrase award: Beth is a "merchandise production executive". aka machinist.

How did that happen award: Gary's face when Phelan found the tiles. And he gets the Pants on Fire award for lying to Phelan who didn't believe him anyway.

Lines of the week:
Anna to Gary and Owen "I'd say have a nice day but I'll settle for come back in one piece"
Gail "This worm is definitely on the turn"
Tina "How is it you always know the exact thing to say?" Peter "Practice makes perfect" (and she didn't think that was scary in the least)
Tina "Who needs to know where the grub's from, it's going to the same place"
Carla about Simon "He calls me Cruella behind me back" Rob "Everyone does!"
Peter "What are you doing? Planning a surprise?" (Is she ever!)
Beth "Don't be greedy. That's my motto"
Kirk "I always said Thursday was my lucky day!" Chesney "It's Wednesday" Kirk "It's not, is it?"
Simon "Freddie reckons Dad jokes are lame. He reckons they get them out of Christmas Crackers" Peter "Freddie sounds great!"
Michelle to Beth "It's like rubbing shoulders with Hello magazine every time I pull you a pint!"

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