Monday, 7 April 2014

Corrie Canada weekly awards for March 31 to April 4

Paperwork Hell award: No wonder Tyrone was upset that Kevin was coming back. I think he's got a full year's worth of paperwork on that desk and I bet the books look like chaos.

Black Widow award: Maria has been hurt for the last time and she's not going to take it any more.

The Penny Drops award: It looks like Roy is finding a way to face the world again, after Chesney's kind words.

Nosy Parker award: Sally had to be dragged away from Maria's doorstep.

Stylista award: Kylie's hair has gone red. Looks nice, too!

Big Brother award: I love how Kirk is such a good brother.

Phrase of Doom award: Sally reckons Tim and Kevin will get on like a house on fire. Didn't quite work out that way.

Calendar Girls award: I actually think Hayley would have loved the idea and participated in it under other circumstances.

Elastic houses award: Yet again, rooms magically appear in houses that only have two bedrooms.

It's complicated award: I can see Leanne's point about the difficulties dating Kal but I still think they'd make a nice couple.

Rethink that Tattoo, people. David still has Tina's name on his shoulder. Nice bit of continuity there. (and that whole salon scene might have been cheesy but it made me laugh!)

Lines of the Week:
Sophie about Kevin's return "Feels like he's been gone ages" (he has!)
Sophie about Kevin "He's a bit of a neanderthal but we love him"
Roy "The calcified remains of some bones don't equate to the actual person."
Audrey about Todd "He'll give you a hug so he can stab you in the back"
Tim "I think that I love you....sort of"
Sally to Maddie "For a homeless person, you're a very fussy eater."
Maria "Is there anyone in my life who's straight with me! Pardon the pun!"
Todd "No strings. No games. On the level" (qualifying for the Pants on Fire award)
Nick "Stella is asking Kal out. But Kal is washing his hair"

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