Sunday, 13 April 2014

Conversation Street Podcast - Special episode

This is a special episode of Conversation Street so don't worry, it's not being published out of order as far as the storyline goes.  There's no storyline discussion so feel free to jump in without worrying about spoilers.

Michael and Gemma made a special trip to Manchester to go on the Coronation Street tour and did three days of Corrie related touring in the area. This is their audio diary and includes a few interviews as well.

They bumped into Jenni McAlpine at her restaurant, Annie's. They chatted to Corrie expert and tour guide, Mark Llewellin as well as one of the official Granada tour guides.

They took a Manchester cab tour of Corrie and Manchester locations and found a few on their own and they got to walk the cobbles. Listen in and hear all about their adventures.

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