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Sunday Comments - April 6

Roy really doesn't do interaction with others well, does he!? He wasn't too comfortable picking up Hayley's ashes and thinks it's romanticized to make so much of the ashes. Why would he not have arranged to have her ashes buried in the first place? I suppose that wasn't her wish. Roy didn't want anyone up into the flat but Fiz, as per usual, stuck her oar in and discovered what has been obsessing  him all these weeks. He's recreated the whole Northern rail line (ok, the Woodhead line) in his flat in miniature. I know why his phone isn't working, too, remember? He pulled it out of the wall after he returned from his walkabout.

And Roy's been inside his own self for weeks with no thought for anyone else. He's not used to worrying about anyone else besides he and Hayley and now she's gone, he wasn't quite ready to face the world. I suppose he finally realized what he was really doing, building the railway that's taking over his flat after what Chesney was telling him about not shutting himself off from the world.

oy still has the capacity to bring a lump to my throat. Just saving the little Christmas Cracker man in a jewelry box and silently bagging Hayley's coat was enough to set me off. He's back at work now.

Kevin's coming back and Tim's not too confident. He's sucking up to Sophie and to Sally as well. He's very nervous, he's worried Sally will go back to Kevin and Sally is winding him up and having a little fun! I see Kevin's just as good a dad as he always was. A two year old disappeared across a busy road because he wasn't watching him.

I'm quite surprised that Kevin didn't recognize Tim, mainly because I would have thought Sophie or even Sally would have texted a photo to Kevin at some point over the past few months. But no, it wouldn't have made for the classic soap misunderstanding when Kevin tried to hammer Tim thinking the house was being broken into again. And immediately after that was sorted, the two men get into a metaphoric pissing contest and Kevin can't stop asking everyone about Tim and being shocked that everything has changed. A lot happens in a year on a soap!  

Tyrone didn't seem too happy either, and I thought they'd buried the hatchet. But from the look of the paperwork, Tyrone's snowed under in more ways than one. I bet his accounts are chaos and  he's hinting as much to Kevin. He kind of got backed in to a corner to take on Luke. I think it's a good idea, actually. Tyrone offered Kevin and Jack a place to stay. They've got a room. Where????

Maddie's not too happy either, she thinks Kevin isn't going to like her. I like the character, and the actor is good, I just don't like the storyline in general. Sophie finally led Maddie up them stairs, and all it took was a thank you and a shepherd's pie! So she was worried about Kevin's return and ends up stealing his luggage, and trying to sell the contents at the pawn shop, both right under the doorstep of the people that took her in. Nice.

Stella's not too happy either, Kevin wants his house back in a few days. Wait, they're legal tennants, isn't he supposed to give them more notice than that? He said he did and it turns out Gloria had hit it away for safe keeping. Doh! she needs a flat to rent. Dev's shop flat is going spare. So is the kebab flat and the flat over the butcher's shop.

Kal's dad thinks he should have approval on all aspects, including the decor. He's not happy with the lime green. I noticed there seemed to be a stranger working outside the construction site. I guess Jason did hire some extra hands. Leanne and Nick have both noticed that Stella fancies Kal but Kal has turned her down gently and let Leanne know he'd prefer to go out with her. I think she'd like to go out with him but it's all too complicated. I think they'd make a nice couple, myself. Nick's wearing his heart on his sleeve. If he's doing better, why not try to get back with Leanne? She didn't want to leave him in the first place.

Leanne was amused to see Carla sniping at Peter but she'd not be pleased if she knew the reason. Peter's sniping at Michelle. Tina's in a mood because Peter didn't leave Carla and she's dumped him. For now. Meanwhile, Carla's all over the place partly due to her stepfather's death but mostly because she's still not decided what to do about the pregnancy. Tina can see that maybe Peter was right not telling Carla straight away when she pushed him and Peter was right telling Tina they didn't really *know* each other. She's willing to go back to the secrecy and hiding down the ginnel and it was her talking him into it. Now they're back together and planning a night in a swank hotel.

Totally didn't expect that scene in the salon where Dev walked in on Kylie and David. Might have been a bit cheesy but it made me laugh and did you notice? David still has that Tina tattoo on his shoulder. Nice little bit of continiuty there. And I laughed at David sucking up to Gail to take the kids out so he and Kylie could have some alone time and what do they do? Waste time eating. It didn't really take Kylie 2 hours to make toast did it?

Todd pulled off his master plan. Marcus and Maria went to another house viewing though it wasn't a house Marcus was keen on due to the price. I don't think he was all too happy his parents got involved but it seemed like he was going along with it to stick it to Todd. Todd manipulated them both so that he was there first. He pretended to be Marcus' partner and the agent didn't blink an eye. She must have had the names of the couple so wouldn't she be surprised to find out "Maria" is a bloke?

Anyway, Todd managed to seduce Todd just as Maria arrived and got an eyeful. It's all hit the fan now. A lot of what Todd had to say to Marcus is true but Marcus did choose his lot. Thing is, we know the biggest attraction to Maria was the family that Marcus wants so badly. Not sure what Todd was hiding, he did have underwear on, we could see it when he stood up. Never mind. I don't really want to know.

I'm really surprised that Todd now seems to truly want Marcus. Maybe what started as a game has developed into more for him or maybe it's just going to be the end of the game. The next person that Todd worked on was Julie to get Marcus to stay with her and Eileen is really disillusioned with Todd.

Poor Maria's world has crashed down around her and she's gutted, both for herself and for little Liam and it didn't take any time at all that she figured out that Todd set her up for that crash. Will Marcus figure it out? Audrey airing all the dirty laundry in the street with half the neighbourhood listening in sorted that out. Marcus believed Audrey even though Todd spun a story.

I can't blame Eileen for not letting Marcus stay there. It is too crowded and it causes far too many problems. Maria is in bits and has hardened her heart. Or is trying to. Changed the locks, told his mum. Then she fell out with Fiz who didn't tell her about her suspicions.

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Anonymous said...

Have to say I am not a big Maddie fan and don't like the plot. The only part of it I've liked so far is Tracy triumphantly hauling her into the Webster living room! The one thing that struck me this week: what possible reason could one have to love Tim? Good dad, affectionate partner, hard worker,kind, considerate and honest? All of the above? Nope.

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