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Top 50 Corrie Couples - the full list

(This post was originally posted by Llifon on the Coronation Street Blog in March 2013.)

On the Coronation Street blog, there has been a countdown from the results of a poll for the top Corrie couples. Here's the end result:

It's been a long process but we've finally reached number one in our quest to find the blog's favourite Corrie couple. The first poll opened back in October and here we are in March having found your fave couple - the Ogdens! And may I say that they are very worthy of that prize!

In case you missed any rankings, here is the full list with the number of votes received in brackets.

1. Stan and Hilda Ogden (258)                                   26. David and Kylie Platt (57)
2. Steve and Karen McDonald (251)                         27. Kevin and Sally Webster (55)
3. Roy and Hayley Cropper (242)                              28. Les and Janice Battersby (53)
4. Steve and Becky McDonald (199)                         29. Richard and Gail Hillman (51)
5. Kirk Sutherland and Beth Tinker (192)                 30. Gary and Judy Mallett (51)
6. Derek and Mavis Wilton (173)                               31. Ashley and Maxine Peacock (51)
7. Jack and Vera Duckworth (150)                             32. Dev and Sunita Alahan (46)
8. Mike and Alma Baldwin (144)                                33. Jack and Annie Walker (41)
9. Alec and Bet Gilroy (142)                                       34. Chesney Brown and Katy Armstrong (40)
10. Ashley and Claire Peacock (137)                         35. Ken and Valerie Barlow (36)
11. Ken and Deirdre Barlow (132)                             36. Alf and Renee Roberts (34)
12. Alf and Audrey Roberts (120)                              37. Brian and Gail Tilsley (33)
13. Len and Rita Fairclough (101)                           38. Owen Armstrong and Anna Windass (31)
14. Peter and Leanne Barlow (98)                             39. Reg and Maureen Holdsworth (27)
15. Jim and Liz McDonald (93)                                 40. Alan Bradley and Rita Fairclough (26)
16. Danny and Frankie Baldwin (89)                         41. Alan and Elsie Howard (25)
17. Brian Packham and Julie Carp (87)                    42. Ray and Deirdre Langton (24)
18. Sophie Webster and Sian Powers (84)                43. Bert and Ivy Tilsley (23)
19. Ernest and Emily Bishop (82)                              44. Gary Windass and Izzy Armstrong (19)
20. Les and Cilla Battersby-Brown (73)                   45. Don and Ivy Brennan (18)
21. Martin and Gail Platt (69)                                   46. Eddie and Anna Windass (16)
22. Sean Tully and Marcus Dent (68)                      47. Harry and Concepta Hewitt (15) 
23. Nick and Leanne Tilsley (67)                             48. Jason and Sarah Grimshaw (15)
24. Dennis and Rita Tanner (63)                              49. David and Irma Barlow (12)
25. Peter Barlow and Carla Connor (62)                  50. Karl Munro and Stella Price (7)

The collage above includes the top Corrie couples voted by you. And you can see the countdown from No. 1 to 50 here.

Did you enjoy the countdown? Were you shocked by some of the results? Did your fave couples get a justified ranking? Or were they robbed?

For me, I'm glad Stan and Hilda won because it's a real testament of their popularity despite it being 30 years since they last appeared together. Through YouTube and DVDs, plus the occasional post on this blog, we are reminded of that great partnership.

I was also pleasantly shocked that the Bishops, who last appeared as a couple in 1978, managed to reach the top 20 while I'm also thrilled that the likes of Alf and Audrey, Len and Rita and Derek and Mavis were also high. I do think that Jack and Annie Walker should've been higher but you can't have everything.

I must agree with one comment that was made that it was nice to see Kirk and Beth receive so many votes and it showed that Corrie still creates popular couples. Apart from them, only Ken and Deirdre from the current cast appear in the top 20. Of course when the poll was conducted, the Croppers we're still in the show. 

I hope you enjoyed the countdown as much as I did conducting the polls, collecting the results and writing all the rankings. Thank you for your response and comments - they are very much appreciated. I'm excited to see a comment appear under the post, be it a condemnation of a ranking or praise. Thank you all.

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