Monday, 11 July 2016

Corrie Canada Weekly Awards for July 4 - 8

Twilight Zone moment: Not only was it a surprise to see Ken Barlow chugging beer in the back garden with the lads, he was chugging it right out of the bottle.

Pot stirring award: Yasmeen for encouraging Tim to have a party when she knew Sally's council friends were coming over.

Powerhouse award: All week, with Billy, Lee, Todd and poor broken Sarah, made my heart ache. Really stupendous performances and writing this week!

Second childhood award: Norris has soldiers with his boiled egg!

Big Fat Rat award: Phelan agreed with Jason they wouldn't charge Sarah for changing the locks. And paid for the beer with some of the 200 pounds she gave him.

Tedium award: Back and forth between Michelle and Steve. I am bored stiff, but then I never did buy into them as a couple.

Pants on Fire award: Leanne lied to Nick that she was working at the Bistro again. WHY do they insist on lying, all of them!!!

Musical ambiance: With a Little Help from my Friends while Nick sits alone, feeling betrayed by everyone.

Play by Play commetating: Kirk and Norris in a cut throat game of drafts (checkers)

Lines of the week:
Maria "Caz isn't aggressive, is she? She's soft as marg" (frozen marg, maybe)
Cathy about a new hair style "I don't want to look too jazzy" (you're a redhead, luv, you're already half way there!)
Robert "I have many skills, but being constantly warm and welcoming isn't one of them" (So *that's* what you had in common with Tracy!)
Norris "Eyes like a spirit level, me" Rita "tongue like a rasp"
Gemma to Alex "There's nowt wrong with using what God give ya to yer advantage"
Rita to Norris "If you can't stand the heat, don't light the gas ring"
Kirk "We're discussing our dirty laundry in public" (quite literally)

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