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Sunday Comments July 17

Jason's birthday arrives with cards and a full English that he's not hungry for. Oh, and he's got thousands in his bank account, inherited from his father and the flat isn't even sold, yet. Tony's name isn't cleared so he's just not getting into this. Phelan's eyes are cha-chinging with pound signs. He sees business opportunity and Jason sees two fatherless children even if their father was crap. Next, Phelan suggests Jason go on a holiday, i.e. get him out of the way so Phelan can run things in his absence.

But the police are calling. Bad news, it seems. We didn't get to see David and Kylie's reactions but Jason told Todd that the forensics confirmed that the murder weapon was in Tony's bag. Tony's prints were on it as was Callum's DNA. (so how come Kylie's wasn't on it, too? That makes no sense. Did she have magic detergent that only washed her prints off?) The police have decided Tony is the guilty one. Kylie is off the hook. Todd's confuse and Jason is inconsolable. David is relieved but Kylie thinks Sarah's still the loose cannon and she's got to live with the fact that she did kill someone.

It's nice that Jason apologized to Liz. But now, Gemma has warned Jason that there are friends of Callum out for vengeance. Tony's dead but his son isn't. A few hours later, Jason's van is in flames, with Gemma giving Jason a little nod as if to say "what did I tell you?" Jason is convinced Callum's mates did it though Gemma doesn't know that they did. Phelan is subtle but very good at suggesting that Jason take a break for awhile, even implying that Eileen won't feel safe if he's there and Callum's mates are still targeting him and in the end that's exactly what Jason decides to do. He decides to leave town and doesn't know how long he'll be gone.

Jason's decided to go away, really go away, starting in Bangkok. He watches and listens as his friends and neighbours walk by, complaining, gossiping. This feels very much like a more permanent goodbye than a temporary holiday. Todd tries to talk Jason round and is horrified that Jason is handing his business over to Phelan. And what about Sarah? Isn't he her mate? She needs all her mates now. Talk about guilt. He went to see her and she does look a bit better, not as sedated. She thinks Thailand sounds lovely. He looks gutted for her.

The family sees him off with champagne and hugs and not a few tears. That's Ryan Thomas off to try to make it in the big, wide world, folks. Best of luck to him!

Phelan later met up with the man he paid to burn the van. Phelan thinks he's landed in a cushy position, being in charge of the business and the bank account. He's got plans. He's on his way back up the ladder again. But he was a bit surprised that Eileen has control of the money. Foiled again!

As always, David can hold his nerve while Kylie is feeling guilty. Todd is worried that Sarah will remember that Callum really is dead. We know that he thinks she killed Callum and that's what sent her over the edge but David doesn't realize that.

Izzy has to face the music. Her sentencing is impending and Gary is worried that she's not being realistic. But Gary and Izzy shared a kiss, a kiss that Gary really didn't mean to share. He was just trying to make her feel more hopeful and now he's worried Izzy is going to take it the wrong way. Izzy was sent to prison but Gary's now worried that he's going to break her heart because he really doesn't want to get back together with her. Second time this week someone's had a "What have I done" moment. Izzy got sentenced to 2 months though she'll probably not have to do it all.

Beth and Kirk are still living apart and both of them are digging their heels in. Norris is enjoying the games tournaments. Kirk is a bit reluctant, first thing in the morning but he keeps winning in spite of Norris trying to distract him. He likes the company though it isn't very scintillating but I think he'd like it a bit more if he could win a game now and then, baffling considering, in his opinion, Kirk isn't much of a thinker. Here's what I think. Kirk might not be highly intelligent but you don't always need that to play games, it's a different train of thought and logic. Norris is going to try a more difficult game. Kirk is starting to miss his Beth but he's still got his pride, doesn't he? It's hard to maintain that pride when you've got a lapful of ketchup!

Chesney and Sinead try to trick Beth and Kirk into spending the evening together but it backfires and Norris, who was aware of the plot, schemes to get Kirk back under his roof by fritzing the power and oh look, he's bought a new game and had it all set up just before the lights went out. that and the promise of beer and prawn crackers keeps Kirk there.

The next day it seems that Beth must have been hoping Kirk would have come back because she's plenty angry and hurt he didn't. Even Chesney gives him a hard time and all he did was try to be nice to a lonely old man and fell asleep before he could get back home. Chesney suggests he make a choice and it better be the right one. Beth is furious but Kirk finally puts his foot down. He's coming home and he's mending her broken heart though he warns her he'll still need some time on his own now and then. She's in bits and they kiss and make up. Awww.

Oooh Liz is back! Yay! She's disappointed that Michelle is giving up, off to the high seas. And it seems that nobody told Steve about it, either until his mother revealed the news. Liz is frantic to try to get them talking again but Steve has given up, too. Liz makes a deal to see if Tim can talk him into making up with Michelle. The problem is, both Steve and Michelle are too stubborn and defensive and one is just as bad as the other. Michelle gets in the taxi to the train station, leaving Steve along on the cobbles.

Loved Amy giving Steve a hard time about letting Michelle go. He looks like he agrees with them. But guess what? Michelle didn't go after all. She just couldn't when she was offered a slot as Sporty Spice in a cover act instead of her original singing gig. Horrific. She's going to Ireland instead for a bit. Steve is finally out of that sling and very much regretting letting Michelle go. He's very good at that, hindsight. Amy tells Maria she's upset Michelle is gone and assuring her that Steve is upset too. Looks like Michelle can't keep a secret because she's gonna tell Amy that Michelle didn't sail away.

And Amy told Steve and brought him to the door before Michelle could take a cab to the airport. He goes with her to the train station so they can talk in the car because he's got lots of apologizing to do. Will he be able to talk her into not going to Ireland? He begs and grovels. He stops the car in front of the pub and tells her that's their future. The lady, she say yes! That's two couples sorted and back together.

Nick isn't ready to forgive Leanne for her remarks. She and Steve had a nice conversation in the cafe. You forget that they've known each other nearly 20 years. She being younger than him, they were never really friends when they were younger. Leanne has tried to make up with Nick, with Ken's backing but Nick's not having it, not yet. She thinks he'll come around. Robert thinks Leanne is out of her mind, partnering up with Nick again and he seems to think Zeedan fancies Leanne. Haven't seen any evidence of that, though, have you?

Later on, Nick and Leanne seem to make peace but then he starts going over all the old stuff, and telling her that he always comes back to you and she has always made him feel normal, it's always been her. Oh dear. He even says she means more to him than Carla but she doesn't want to know and gently rejects him. Later on that night, though, after reviewing a few voice messages from him, Robert and Zeedan, someone comes to the door. We don't see who it is but it's someone taller than her so it's probably a man. That man leaves after a bit and Leanne looks very upset, as if to wonder why she just did what she did. What did she do? And with whom?

Whoever it was, he was gone before Aidan and Eva got back the night before. Leanne is now looking for another job. Things are a bit awkward between Leanne and Nick the next day when she pulls out of their potential business partnership and they're awkward with Robert when she resigns, needing a fresh start.

Tracy's having twinges and isn't feeling too well but she's not that sympathetic about Beth's marital problems, thinking she's better off without Kirk. She really does need to see a doctor, with pain like that. She did but has to see a specialist to make sure it's not her kidney. Even Ken doesn't seem overly sympathetic to Tracy not feeling well though he didn't see her doubled over in pain either. Robert thought she was putting it on as well.

Tracy skipped out on a specialist appointment to go to Amy's recital (she's getting a bit better, isn't she?) and it was a disaster because Tracy's sharp wise-arse tongue got her into trouble with Amy again on top of the fact that Amy lost her concentration when Tracy arrived. No wonder Amy still wants nothing to do with her. She should have gone to the appointment instead because she collapsed in the ginnel where she was found by Beth and Robert who carried her out of the ginnel, not wanting to wait for an ambulance.

I wonder if Ken's going to feel very guilty now that he knows Tracy really is ill. He never noticed. Apparently it's an infection but it's put the kidney into failure but I did wonder, she's been very ill in the hospital before due to one, you'd think she would recall the symptoms. Dialysis might sort it out or it might not. Robert did have the grace to apologize. Oh I hope this isn't the road back for Robert to get back together with her. He says it isn't but he didn't need to stay at the hospital for so long, either. Amy looked concerned but she didn't want to go see her. It really did seem to be a reality check for Tracy, knowing she's the one that caused her daughter to walk away. It was interesting to see her so vulnerable for once.

Maria is having a little party for Liam's birthday and has invited Kate and Caz. Kate is Liam's cousin, let's not forget. Caz is really making nice with Maria these days. She even invited her to have Liam's party at her flat since Maria's stove is on the blink. Caz offered to help carry things before she was reminded that she's supposed to still be in agony. More and more, it feels like she's faking this.

Sophie is keeping her distance but letting Luke know that she doesn't trust Caz. He's already got a few doubts, himself. The party looked fun, everyone in sombreros. Luke noticed Caz jumping out of the way of a rampaging Liam without a twinge. Caz noticed him noticing but you can hardly double over in pain after the fact, can you? Well you can, if something happens again, which it did. Liam's car bumped into her foot, not her ankle, but she shrieked in agony. Luke doesn't believe her, you can tell from his face when he found the spat out painkiller in the sink.

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