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Sunday Comments July 3

Jason insists that Tony is innocent and David is guilty. He's running around the neighbourhood harassing every Platt he sees and Kylie knows he's more right than he knows. David isn't the one that killed Callum but it's true, they'll all be done for conspiracy. After he shook Kylie up, though, David came after him in the pub. A bit of a lop sided fight but David's making sure Tony's name keeps in the forefront, too. And really, most people believe Tony had the potential to kill Callum.

He's also trying to sell Tony's flat but police searches are making that difficult. They're searching the builders' yard too and now they're focussing on Tony's tools and toolbelt which is exactly where the murder weapon came from. Kylie promises she washed the wrench completely and put it back in Tony's toolbag. Even if they do find it and it's print free, they can't pin it on Kylie and evidence wise, nor on Tony.

Jason has the toolbag at home where the police haven't looked yet. I hope Jason hasn't put his prints on the tools rooting through the bag! Phelan believes in covering your own backside and yes, the tools could clear Tony but they might not so he dealt with it without Jason knowing, and he stashed the tools in the Sharif's new conservatory/orangery. He did tell Jason later that he hid them but not where. He's also got Jason owing him a big one now which you know he's going to try to use to his advantage.

Todd didn't have to lie to Jason again because the phone saved him, notice of the police looking for more information. They know that medically, after his attack by Callum, Jason couldn't possibly have killed Callum but Tony could very well have been angry enough to retaliate on his behalf. They don't believe Tony left town out of humiliation, either. Maybe it was guilt. It doesn't look good for Tony, does it? If we didn't know the truth, we'd probably believe it, too.

Meanwhile, Phelan is basically sucking up to Jason, being all pally and "trustworthy" but even he couldn't get Jason's bank PIN out of him. Next step is to arrange to have the Nazir orangery windows stolen and led Jason into the pub later to give his mate enough time to do the job. Boggles my mind that they didn't get seen by anyone on the street in broad daylight. I suppose Phelan disabled the cctv again, too. Jason has to replace them at his own cost, much to Yasmeen's chagrin and Jason's annoyance at Phelan's little joke at his expense, calling him air headed. Then he makes it sound to Eileen that Jason was just being unreasonable.

Michelle is back with her new BFF Maria and regretting walking out on Steve already. Meanwhile, she's going to have to stay in Carla's flat with very little to sit on and only the four walls to watch. Carla's shipped everything out but leaving the sofa and the bed in case she rents it? huh? Would a flat with only a bed be something you'd be tempted to rent? Someone else's mattress? Not me. I'd prefer anything else but that! Anyway, the split is the talk of the street, that and Izzy's trial. Steve is getting it from all sides, everyone thinks Steve should take Michelle back and Michelle is making up excuses, claiming there's a big spider that needs sorting.

It was all a ruse because she plied him with wine and wanted to talk. It seemed to work for awhile. Until Steve thought Michelle left to make a point to get back at him for staying in Spain and I think he's right. She got shirty and he walked out.

Izzy has her trial and she went into it ready for a fight. So much for putting on a compliant front. Erica reckons Izzy is too smart to kick off but Gary has the measure of her. She's easily provoked. Erica even went to the trial for support. She's the one that got this started in the first place! Izzy didn't start off too well, speaking out of turn during the cop's testimony. Izzy's testimony regarding her condition was very detailed. But the prosecutor goaded her and she lost her temper as expected. Her solicitor tried, he really did but the law is the law and Izzy showed complete contempt for it. Guilty as charged. Not guilty would set a dangerous precedent.

Gary's angry that Izzy shot herself in the foot. Angry that her attitude could land her behind bars rather than her playing the game to get off. Anna is understanding for a change.

Billy's got a long face. Sean dumped Billy but then nearly took him back when Billy decided, in his guilt, that Sean was right. He wasn't deserving of Sean. The girls all convinced him to try to get Billy back. Meanwhile, Sarah's leaning on Billy and wondering if she should go to Callum's funeral for closure. She wants to move on but since he thinks she killed Callum, without saying so specifically that he "knows", he thinks it's a bad idea. Billy and Sean are talking at least but the spectre of Todd at the end of the road puts Billy off. Sean wants Todd to convince Billy to take him back. Rock and hard place, there.

So Billy has to conduct the funeral for a man he thinks was killed by a neighbour who suffered under his (the dead man's) violent nature. Gemma was done up like a dog's breakfast for the funeral. Half black widow and half goth club I think! And we finally got to see Macca again, too. He was always a laugh. Kylie wanted to give Max the option to go, seeing as it was his father, even though it's probably against her better judgement and certainly against David's but she wanted to do the right thing. He decided against it so he and Kylie are going to plant a tree in memory instead. Sweet little scenes with Max and Kylie discussing Dads and death.

Sarah's looking very rough. She's distracted and distant and looks like she hasn't slept in days, even worse than when the baby was born and wasn't sleeping. Of course she's going to go to the funeral, she's already wearing black, after all. David's enlisted Todd's help. He's probably the only one she'd listen to. Billy's finding it difficult, dealing with Marian and then his brother showed up. He didn't need that. Lee only comes round because he wants money to feed his habit and when he doesn't get it, he lays on the guilt. Billy has to find a way to say no, tough love and all that.

Naturally, the police detectives show up at the funeral. That's always the way. Gotta watch the attendees to look for any suspicious behaviour. In walks Sarah. There goes Billy on a wobble. Todd arrives and when he found out that Billy walked out, he went to find him and he did. Billy was huddled in his office in a mess. Todd talked him down, or up as the case may be and he managed but Sarah's nerves are in shreds. Billy and Todd managed to stop her going to the graveside but Lee, lurking behind the trees, noticed that Billy was kind to Sarah who was practically catatonic while Callum's mother kept on at her. Later he approached her in the pub. Hmmm. Don't trust him, Sarah!

All the talk about Callum not being really dead as long as Max and Harry are alive or if one believes in God, that's going to really affect her as well, putting ideas in her head and sparking off her already considerable fears and paranoia.

Sarah's looking more and more unhinged. Jumpy doesn't begin to describe her demeanor. David's quite happy to have the blame laid on Tony. Later, Lee approaches Sarah in the shop. I don't blame her for not quite believing he's Billy's brother because he looks absolutely nothing like him. He's certainly the complete opposite in personality, too. He's lured her to his flat and things went downhill from there. I think she realized she might have made a mistake going to a flat with a man she doesn't know who claims to be Billy's brother. He is, of course, but he's also an addict and a nut case. You knew he was going to be trouble when he took her phone out of her bag. Oh dear. He's blackmailing Billy for 1000 pounds in exchange for Sarah.

Now she realizes she's in trouble. He's got her phone. He's locked the door. Billy dragged Todd and David into the matter to help find Sarah. Lee has a very agitated woman on his hands. He did know Callum, i imagine most people in the local drug scene knew him, and now he's getting fed up with her and giving her the impression that Callum is still alive. That's not a good thing to do. And when she tried to get out, he grabbed her from behind, just like Callum did. Cue the freak out and I can't blame her.

Sean and Billy had a nice talk in the pub after the funeral and it's clear Billy still cares for Sean. Maybe there's a chance they'll get back together but maybe not, if Billy's crush on Todd doesn't subside. Billy's trying to find answers in the Bible but he's back together with Sean. And even though Todd was horrified that Billy said he was falling for him, he didn't look half jealous when Sean and Billy had a little kiss on the sofa.

Kate's trying to get all the factory girls interested in a belly dancing class at the gym. She was only able to convince Maria who brought her own costume but the instructor was all blingy so Maria won't stand out too much. They had a great time and Caz is jealous of their animated friendly demeanor. Kate's not so keen and she realizes that Caz is possessive and doesn't like her having any other friends. She's put her foot gently down. Caz is making an effort, it seems, when Eva and Maria were at the flat and later in the bar giggling over children's books and belly dancing but Sophie, seeing them, complains spitefully, with Luke admonishing her. Caz found the rare book Maria wanted for Liam. That was nice! Later, Luke overheard Caz shouting at someone on the phone, about changing their story. Hmm...

Oh there's Erica and Alya. Not seen them in yonks! Dev and his vanity are back, as well. It's a bit hard to take Phelan seriously when he's wearing Eileen's dressing gown! Mary decided to take the belly dancing class later in the week, too. she did well, too. I like that Craig and Bethany seem to be making friends. But Bethany is worried about her mother and she didn't complete the exam. We've got a new little girl playing Lily, with long dark hair.

Sally has allowed Tim to build a "summer house" aka a shed for his beer brewing after she ended up drenched in his most recent efforts, ruining her new outfit. He, however, is not so inclined to put it together, preferring to lay in the sun. Yasmeen is insisting her conservatory is an orangery, just to be a little bit snobbier than Sally and it is getting up Sally's nose quite satisfactorily it seems. Tim has put Craig to work but doesn't think reading the instructions is going to be helpful. You know how that's going to end up. Yep, total disaster much to Sharif's amusement. Naturally, Tim naturally blamed bad instructions and parts missing. I don't think Sally was fooled.

Sally ended up getting Phelan to repair her summer house. I am loving the banter between Sally and Yasmeen, too! Sally has invited a colleague to her house. Disaster is about to descend, I fear.

Cathy has discovered that Nessa is going to Bali for months which further leaves Alex at loose ends. Alex seems to have mates but it doesn't look so much like they're a very good influence. Cathy doesn't trust his mate but Roy thinks Alex is responsible enough to make his own decisions. I think Cathy's probably right. Alex is perfectly capable of making decisions, also perfectly capable of manipulating Cathy to get what he wants and all. But he got caught bragging to Gemma about driving his mate's car when he doesn't have a license. She made him promise not to drive anymore and she won't be so hard on him, seconds before she tore a strip off his mate!

Cathy thinks she's scared off Alex's friend. The cafe got quite busy for a Sunday but Cathy is out of sorts. I think things are still awkward between she and Alex. They made up, though. Thing is, Alex insists he's grown up, he's 28, yet he still does things that a naughty 14 year old would do. He took Roy's car without permission.

Beth has a school reunion and she isn't really looking forward to going but Kirk thought she ought to go and he'll be there to have her back. And coincidentally, it's being held at the Bistro. As soon as she started slagging off that woman to that Dom fella, I knew that woman, who turned out to be a right old bitch, was going to turn out to be his wife! Beth couldn't resist lying about her and Kirk's life which of course Kirk would be disapproving.

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