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Sunday Comments July 24

David, Kylie and Gail are included in a family therapy session. Why Nick, also Sarah's brother, isn't included, I don't know. Never mind. Sarah is shaky and nervous. The doctor has to explain that post partum psychosis is different than the usual "baby blues" and there is probably more to it than just hormones. Kylie takes the bull by the horns and pointedly tells Sarah that she should say what is most on her mind, or she won't get better, that being the most important thing. David doesn't look too happy about it but he knows she's right and gives Sarah the nod.

Sarah begins and tells how she lured Callum to the house to set him up but he attacked her. She feared for her life and thought he would kill her until Kylie came. And... of course one episode ends there to leave us hanging until the next but all is well, Sarah covers for Kylie and says she pulled him off and David threw him out. David's relieved but I wonder if lying like that is at all helpful to Sarah's condition.

Gail was well put out that nobody told her all this for all these months. Sarah doesn't regret lying but Kylie feels guilty. David returns to his confident self and reckons it's all in hand and they're home free. Gail is not really very comfortable in her annex anymore, now it's cleared and cleaned up. I can't really blame her. She tried to trade rooms with David and Kylie and Kylie wasn't too keen but they did it in the end.

Amy still won't go to visit Tracy and later, when Todd visits, Tracy is happy that she is being released. Aren't drugs wonderful? She went from near kidney failure from an infection to going home just over a weekend. Amy was less than best pleased to see her mother walking in and still resists all attempts to win her over but Tracy reckons she has a plan. Amy's a chip off the old block after all and she knows how to get her affections back. So she says anyway.

There has to be something Tracy can do to win Amy's affections back. Not that I really care but you know since it's a soap, something will work. Wonder what it will be? Amy is invited to Simon's birthday party so Tracy crashes it, trying to buy her affections. Nope, that didn't work either. She really needs to take a step back but she won't.

Now it's the anniversary of Deirdre's death and she and Ken won't be able to go to the cemetery at the same time because of Amy and he worries that she shouldn't go alone. She might not have to. Robert agreed to go with her. That's the reason she's wearing a dress Deirdre liked and nearly forgot the flowers. Never lose an opportunity to impress the fella she wants, right?

I loved Rita and Ken reminscing about Deirdre in the pub even if it upset Amy. She is too young to realize that sharing funny stories and memories of the departed is a good thing. It was left to Robert to pick up the pieces and comfort her and maybe try to make Amy realize how Tracy is feeling on that day as well, thus he missed going to the cemetery with Tracy who thought he just didn't care. Tracy waited for Robert at the gates and finally went in.

I don't know why she was worried, both her mother and grandmother's graves were nearly at the front of the cemetery. He'd have no problem finding her if he showed up which he did. He was able to talk Amy round and it looks like Amy and Tracy have finally settled their differences. For today, anyway. But there's definitely a bit of a thaw even if Robert still isn't open to Tracy's invitations. She's come home. With conditions.

Phelan is trying to find ways around Eileen's hold on the purse strings and thinks he has it when he realizes that Steph and Andy are paying Jason below-market rent which they still end up paying late a lot. He manages to persuade her to raise the rent to market rates and naturally they're horrified but Michael, on a white horse (the posse) arrives back in town and saves the day. He doesn't rise to Phelan's wind ups and puts him on notice except his actions only provoked Phelan and Eileen and Phelan made sure Eileen thought that all the fault for the upset was Michael's.

Phelan knows Michael's not much of a match but Michael has one trick up his sleeve. He offers to move back in with Andy and Steph to pay an extra share of the rent which makes up the increase. Foiled again! Michael putting Phelan on notice may or may not backfire on him. It would be nice if Michael was the one that brought him down but I have a feeling it might be Todd, or perhaps the two of them together. Kylie and Gemma made up after their clash at Callum's funeral. That's nice to see, at least. Later, Kylie and Bethany had a bonding moment over the gym membership. Kylie got a bit of a shock to see Macca who gave her a bit of a hard time.

Dev tried to surprise Erica with a night at a posh spa hotel but Erica's mother was rushed to hospital and in the end, your mother is your mother so she had to beg off and insisted he take Mary. They make arrangements for separate rooms but you guessed it, when they get there, the reservations are messed up and there are no extra rooms so they have to share. Doh. At least there's a sofa to sleep on. Surely they could have asked for a rollaway cot. The room was more than large enough for it.

Anyway, Dev availed himself of a spa treatement, a back wax. Ouch! Did he mistake the word Waxing for Massage because he looked as if he was settling down for a relaxing back rub instead of having the hairs on his back ripped out with hot wax. He was in so much pain that they ended up having room service and drinking themselves senseless on free booze. I have to say that the drunk scenes were more painful than Dev's back waxing, though. And why would he ask her to keep the wax job secret, even from Erica? I'm quite sure she'll figure it out the first time she's back in bed with Dev unless their rumpy pumpy sessions are only infrequent.

Naturally, Dev and Mary ended up sleeping in the same bed and hilarity ensued when they were awkward after, wondering what actually happened when you know nothing did. Her gushing about "what a night" only horrified him the more. He should remember that she didn't actually say they did *anything* and she tends to the exaggeration. Dev is mildly amusing when he's scared and worried and confused.

School is out and Bethany is trying to find a summer job. The cafe has no openings and her chief bully, Lauren, joins her and pretends that she herself was bullied into being nasty to Bethany. Does Bethany fall for this? Of course she does though she really looked skeptical. She just wants to be liked, right? Poor kid. She came out of the cafe and was immediately surrounded by all the bullies who were waiting in force. Standing out there for how long and nobody noticed? Why didn't Bethany just go back inside the cafe? Why didn't she just smack Lauren, pull that silly bun out of the top of her hair.

Bethany can't tell Sarah her troubles, knowing her mother has enough to deal with. She's still looking for a job. Wonder if Underworld is hiring? They all seem to end up there. She's decided to join the gym. Maybe that will give her the strength to beat the crap out of the bullies. Ok. Violence isn't good. But working out might be just the thing she needs.

Chesney has to go see to an injured Cilla and has to leave Gemma to deal with the shop. He's sure she can handle it, even the delivery. She's not so sure. But why can't she go to Dev for help? He owns the place. Then, later on, her old mate Macca showed up with another bloke. She almost ended up giving them free kebabs to get rid of them but Chesney got back in time. We find out that Izzy was moved quite a distance to another prison which is more wheelchair friendly so Gary hasn't had a chance to put her right, that they aren't getting back together. Gail and Michael exchanged a few awkward words. I really want them to get back together. Sophie is starting to scheme and find ways of catching out Caz even if Luke and Freddie think she's better off leaving it alone. Freddie is right in saying that if Caz is lying about her injury, she'll get caught out eventually but Sophie seems intent on hurrying that along and has tracked down a phone number of someone in the Army. Uh oh.

Leanne is still friendly with Nick, and she invited him to Simon's birthday tea. I hope he's not getting mixed signals. And Simon? He's a different kid these days. It's like that period of anger and rage never happened at all. Not even a brief flicker of anger. Never. At anyone. It's weird. There was a strange look between she and Robert. Is that a clue to the mystery man? My money's still on Steve but they might yet fool me. Now Leanne put her back out and Nick is playing nursemaid. She's not enjoying the new job she's got, either. Nick was good to spend time with Simon and she's pleased he's around. Is she going to start reigniting old feelings again after all?

Todd is swamped at the shop and Billy ends up helping out. They get on quite well together, don't they? There seems to be quite the frisson of chemistry blooming in the flower shop between them. They both felt it and backed off. But for how long? Billy is heading to London for a break and a musical with his Dylan but he is looking less and less enthusiastic. But Todd realizes Billy's trying to keep secrets from Sean about where he's been and he's clearly having doubts and clearly having feelings growing for Todd and Todd might be falling for Billy. But griping about Sean and Billy to Tracy made Tracy realize in two seconds that Todd really wants Billy. And Todd finally admitted it to himself, and to Billy.

Sean is excited to spend a week in London with Billy but Billy? Not so much. He's conflicted, is Billy. So is Todd, because he's come over all moral due to having feelings for his friend's fella. That's not the old, scheming Todd. Tracy is pushing Todd to follow his feelings. She's probably right but there is that conflict issue. Sean's like a brother to Todd. Even Eileen seems to notice something's off with Billy who goes to see Todd who pretends his admission didn't happen. For a vicar, he's not very forthcoming with confessions, is he? He pretended he was nervous to meet Dylan but he couldn't do it. He couldn't go.

Naturally Sean was angry and figured Billy has someone else. Billy says there's nobody else but of course, there is, and when Sean accused him of not loving him anymore, Billy couldn't say anything to deny it. I imagine this split is permanent. Sean is pretty sure there's someone else and he's right but what's he going to do when he finds out who it is? Well, he's off to London anyway, to see his Dylan. Rita encourages Todd to reveal his feelings, too. Tracy, once she found out that Billy and Sean were split up, put them together. And together they got.

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