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Sean Tully - On the Path to Heartbreak Hotel

(This post was originally posted by Ruth Owen on the Coronation Street Blog in July 2016, reposted to this blog with permission.)

Sean Tully is perhaps as unlucky in love as Bet Lynch was before him. Of course, this state of affairs  begs the question -why? Is it that he is too needy and just too dependent? Sean gives his all to his relationships and he gives it early on. Playing it cool is simply not present in his DNA. This is not to suggest that mature relationships should be about game playing, but in the early stages, it would be better for Sean if he was less effusive, less delighted in his new found love and just held back a little. Easy to say, I know, but very hard for Sean to do.

For some of the time, I did believe in the Billy/Sean pairing, but always felt that Sean was the keener of the two, by a good margin. Sean was the moany one, the gripey one, a bit spoilt childish when Billy had to deal with demands from his boss, the bishop or the boss of bosses - God. In contrast, Billy was fine with Sean's work demands, though I suppose Liz and Carla don't quite have the  power of Billy's ultimate boss.

Many a time we have seen Sean and Billy embrace. Sean appears deliriously happy, but then the camera pans on to Billy's facial expression and it is apparent that he is not reciprocating Sean's joy.

Has he, for a while now, been trying to let Sean down gradually? Having now confessed his feelings for Todd to Todd, is it not now hypocritical for him to continue the relationship with Sean?

Initially, after Billy had revealed his feelings for Todd, Todd actually rediscovered his moral compass, which he had previously abandoned in London, and ranted at Billy, worried about how Sean would feel if Billy dumped him, only to discover that the love of his life, had fallen in love with Todd.

There is no doubt that Sean will be heartbroken when he discovers that Todd and Billy have strong feelings for each other. Might Sean catch them in an embrace? What a terrible betrayal he will experience - his lover and an old friend with whom he has lived for many years.- pretty hard to bear for anyone, but particularly so for someone who is as emotionally fragile as Sean.

On a practical level, how will Sean be able to stay at Eileen's with Todd there too? And it would be impossible for Billy to visit at number 11 wouldn't it?

Credit card at the ready Sean - now check in to Heartbreak Hotel.

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