Monday, 29 August 2016

Corrie Canada Weekly Awards Aug. 22 - 26

A long one today, folks, we're back with double episodes of Corrie this week!

Demon David award: He's baaaaaaaaack!

Plot device award: Tyrone had problems with the two way radio in the cab. Thus, Eileen managed to overhear Todd and Billy discussing their relationship and the cat was out of the bag.

Throwback award: Love it when they talk Corrie history. This time it was Gail and Audrey talking about how Blanche loved funerals.

Mouths of Babes award: Max. He knows what is appropriate for a funeral, stuff that makes you think of the person that's passed.

Fashion Gemma is nothing if not inventive with her funeral outfits. From a Goth weeping widow look at Callum's to something like an explosion at a crayon factory for Kylie's.

Forerunner award: I hope Norris' eBay rampage clearing out Emily's things doesn't mean she's not coming back!

Suck up award: Pat knew he crossed a line. Big time back pedalling with flowers, an apology and those three little words. It worked.

Sam Slick award: Oh that Phelan's good, isn't he? Manipulating so that Sean catches Todd and Billy, big bust up, Sean giving Eileen an ultimatum. When it looked like Sean and Todd might have worked through things by talking at Eileen's coaching, he made sure Sean knew that she had prior knowledge. That was the sound of the door slamming behind Sean. One down, one to go but it will be more difficult to get rid of Todd, I think.

Best Uncle Ever: Nick really is a good uncle to the kids, Bethany and he is always good with Simon, too.

Rock, meet hard place: Todd is up against the horns of a dilemma. Keep the secret, protect Sarah, Kylie, David and the kids or tell the secret and put your brother's mind at rest and bring him home.

Good Grief award: I say "good" only because it was a good scene. You don't often get to see the effects of a death on Corrie on other than the immediate family members. It was a nice touch to show us Eva sobbing on the bench, missing her best mate.

Potential couple: Gary and Sarah? Might work.

Stylin' award: Craig in a suit!

Musical ambiance: Phelan singing It's Raining Men in the shower. Loudly and very, very badly.

Continuity Fail (maybe): Tracy says Amy can't be a cop because there's a criminal record in her family. We assume she's referring to herself but I thought that was overturned due to dodgy DNA testimony? Steve does have a conviction but I wonder if Tracy even remembers that.

Lego award: I thought Kevin's new garage was the one next to the Bistro but now this one has wedged itself in between the two. The Bistro must be very tiny inside, the width of the arch outside, though it looks bigger inside.

Save the Day award: Steph called in the posse, Leanne. I still love that woman! (Steph, that is! She's awesome!)

Lines of the week:
Liz to steve "Keep your mouth shut, say nothing, and see how long it lasts. Because trust me, the truth always comes out sooner or later!" (she's been watching soap operas again!)
Michelle to Leanne "We could be going through our pregnancies together!" (I thought Leanne was going to pass out or throw up just at that point!)
Eileen "You're own little radio show, Radio Sordid!"
Todd "It's been Brokeback Mountain meets Romeo and Juliet round here for months"
Todd to Eileen "I'm not sure I can stand the smell of hypocracy"
Sean "Friend in the coffin. Ex on the pulpit. Meltdown City."
Billy "You deserve an explanation" Sean "Sometimes a picture tells a thousand words"
Gail "I thought I'd never say this, but, Poor Eileen"
Sarah "Kylie saved my life. She doesn't deserve to be punished for it" Todd "Neither does my family"
Eileen to Phelan "You turn on people" Phelan "I just don't suffer fools" (that's one way of twisting it)
Steph to Robert "You really think I'm going to manage a control freak who can't add up?" Robert "I'm the creative one" (who is very much out of his depth. His ex-wife must have managed his old restaurant)
Maria "Watching you and me brother throwing pointy sticks at a wall all night? No thanks, I'll give it a miss" (when you put it that way...)
Sean "We've all seen your true colours. And they're garish!"
Steph to Robert "The money's great and all that, but we're not the problem" (short and to the point)
Phelan to Todd "Let battle commence"
Tim "I was re-grouping. I was ready to lead the next attack!" Faye "You were squealing like a pig"
Beth on family convictions "D'you want them alphabetically or by year?"
Craig about his motley crew of a family "If we were on 'Who Do You Think You Are' it would be a Strangeways and Star Prison special"
Leanne "There's nothing wrong with being a good man" Nick "And look where that got me"
Steph "Ok, we're kinda losing the vibe now"

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