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Sunday Comments August 7

It's a long one this week, everyone. Double episodes all week. Don't forget, no Corrie for two weeks and then two weeks of double episodes after that!

Kylie staggers around the corner. That stab wound is right over her heart. She doesn't have long. She still feels guilty, because she shouldn't have gone to help her friend. But it's no use. Even Roy could see it was pretty bad. she got to say what she needed to say to David. She knew. She died in David's arms with Gail cradling her head. David howled in agony. At least Max didn't see it happen.

David has to tell his children before they find out from someone else. Excellent that they brought up what happened to Nick's father and Gail having to tell Nick about his father. He got through it, told them she died and is waiting for them in heaven. Little Lily doesn't really understand.

Is Gemma ok? She's still out cold, too. Concussed probably but at least she'll be ok and she can tell the police who did it and Craig was a witness as well though Craig feels guilty he didn't help. Everyone is shocked to the core.

It's now the day after. David is still in shock and keeps hearing some of Kylie's last words echoing in his head. He tries to keep a front on for the sake of the kids which is what you do, don't you? But he's angry that the police can't seem to get any decent descriptions of the assailant. That's because Craig and Gemma both tell the police they can't really remember what he looked like, things happened so fast and then Gemma got hurt. The police seem to be pretty sure Gemma is afraid of the man but they can't get her to admit anything. Later, Craig and Gemma admit they remember in detail. Craig feels terrible that he didn't do anything to help and thinks he should go to the police but Gemma insists he doesn't. Clayton is trying to contact her and later on, grabs her off the street. When she insists, loudly, that she nor Craig have or will say anything, David overhears, grabs a pipe and confronts the little pig.

There's a mad chase around the back gardens with chickens clucking and everything. Through the garage, and I bet Tyrone wouldn't have been scared to take him on. David got hold of him and was throttling him with the pipe. He nearly did bash him but Max heard the kerfuffle and distracted him long enough for Clayton to punch David in the stomach and get away. Gemma kept her distance from the police and David caught her taking money from the till. Wages my eye. She was going to leg it.

Gemma finally told David everything but made him stay put, not go after him because of the kids. She promised to tell the police and she did though she nearly bottled it but Craig was there to do his bit and back her up so she went through with it. Now she's still worried there will be repercussions and Beth isn't best pleased that Craig made a statement, either.

Max was really shocked. He saw David threatening someone and on top of everything else, he's freaked out. Gail gave him a piece of her mind and doesn't want him to go after Clayton. He needs to focus on his kids.

Now David has to face telling Sarah and wants to do it himself but isn't ready to talk about Max, probably unable to face Max's grief. He's got his own locked down so tightly and has to face seeing Kylie's body, too. He had the chance to talk to her on his own. She was in a very small coffin, so it seemed. He poured out his heart, promised revenge, cried. He later told Gail he was more worried that Clayton was still free because Max at least was safe.

Audrey's brought the children back but David still can't seem to deal with Max. He did start to talk to him but the police called to tell him they arrested Clayton and charged, finally, and Max was forgotten again until Gail chided David over it all. Now David has to plan the funeral so he has asked Max to help choose music and artwork.

Bethany insisted on coming along to talk to Sarah. But David kept avoiding the subject at first, telling this long involved story about Kylie telling a story to him and the kids about when she was a kid. When he finally came out with it, it sure shocked Sarah. I think her therapist should have stuck around. A few days later, Sarah had to read it all in the newspaper and she decided to check herself out of the hospital. Bethany talked her out of it, afraid for her mother.

Audrey thinks David is managing to handle things but when we see him blow a gasket and throw all of Kylie's manicure gear away, she realizes he's not doing as well as she thought. Maria understands, though. David is angry and she remembers how that felt from when Liam died. The fact that Kylie's killer has been arrested is no comfort because she's still dead and he's not.

David is still funeral planning but getting back his jacket full of her blood certainly wasn't the way to start his day. He didn't want to get rid of it at first but common sense prevailed. Even so, seeing it in the bin still hurt. Eva's back and came straight to David. She was a good mate to Kylie so it's got to be hard on her. David and Billy sorted out the service, music and poems and he seemed so "normal" which worries Gail.

Everyone else is in shock over Kylie's death, too. Maria spends the day in tears and even Sally is tearful. Flowers pile up outside the salon. But Maria also sees Caz and ends up offering her a place to stay. Friends are friends after all. Not sure if Caz was hoping she would ask or if she was genuinely surprised that Maria offered but either way, it's a win for Caz who gets to live on the other side of the wall from the flat where Kate lives. Because of her lies, I find it hard to beleive any story or tale she tells. Luke isn't so crazy about the houseguest.

Kate apologized to Sophie and they went for a drink, which Caz observed jealously. Luke is not happy that they're harbouring Caz in secret and tells Sophie. Caz thinks she can talk Kate around but when she finds her in the gym, Kate tells her once and for all to stay away from her and is horrified to find out later from Sophie that Caz is staying with Maria. Audrey and Maria discuss the situation over the clients' heads but one of them asked David where Kylie was. *gulp* That's always a difficult thing, isn't it? Do you tell them or do you brush it off?

Kate keeps running into Caz, unfortunately but her plans to tell Maria exactly what Caz is like didn't go very well. And doing that, Maria realized that Luke had been the one that spilled the beans.

Leanne and Nick connect over condolences, with him having experienced some flashbacks to when his dad was similarly killed. Later, Leanne was in the Bistro and Robert continues to dig at her for her continuing friendship and possible business partnership with Nick until Leanne runs off to the loos to be sick. That's all Steph needs. She knows now that the pregnancy test was really Leanne's. Steph is a really good friend and gives her some good advice. Leanne wouldn't say who the father is, but she does have to tell him, especially if she's going to keep the baby. And Steph's right, Leanne should get checked out because she's scared of her past medical history.

Simon is still worried about Leanne. He can see she's not quite on her game and she's distracted. He's certain she's dying and doesn't want to tell him. (I can't get over that Simon is completely free of rage now) Amy tried to reassure him but he wasn't having it. Once Leanne had herself checked over and discovered she should probably be ok, she told Simon who was greatly relieved. Is this going to turn him into a little ball of rage again? He was disconcerted at the very least, especially when she wouldn't tell him who the father is. I think he was a bit nervous that she wouldn't love him as much, either. I reckon a lot of kids, especially step kids and adopted kids feel that way.

In a seemingly minor turn of events, Steve has lost his wedding band. He looked all over the cab office and in all the remote corners of the pub but wouldn't tell Michelle though he admitted it to his mother. He's afraid of Michelle. But it turns out, she had taken it and had it engraved. This wasn't a random thing, however. Steve was very afraid he'd left it somewhere particular. We find out a few episodes later. Remember that mystery man that she'd slept with a few weeks ago? Turns out, that was Steve!!! Uh oh.

One clue was that she had to say who was calling. Nick, Zee and Robert would likely have her in their phone's contacts. Steve was quite shocked, as you would be. Cue the gurning! I was kind of appalled that he seemed to be blaming her for it all, wondering why *she* didn't use protection! She turned it back on him of course, putting him in his place and Michelle walked in on it. Leanne made out it was a problem between Amy and Simon and legged it. Michelle is oblivious and Steve is thrown for a very big loop. Later he went to talk to Leanne to apologize, but assuming she's going to get rid of the baby. She's not having a termination, she wants that baby. She thinks everything stays the same but Steve is an honest bloke and would want to know his child and he isn't a very good liar . It's not going to be a smooth ride.

Steve is in full on panic mode about this pickle he's got himself in. Liz claps eyes on him and knows him well enough to know he's got something on his mind and he caves, he tells Liz about Leanne and she is duly shocked. She does promise to keep the secret but later on, Michelle finds Leanne on the street and when Leanne doubles over in pain, she takes her to the hospital. When Steve finds out, he's freaking out. His wife and the mother of his child, and they're not the same person, together in the hospital!

So naturally, he charges in and pretends he thought it was Michelle that was taken to hospital. He is sent to take Simon home. Leanne has to have a scan and Michelle won't let her be on her own. Robert, who has heard about her "appendix" problem, contacts her, then tells Steph she's ok and is being sent home. Steph, of course, knows Leanne is pregnant and is concerned. I think that was just a lie Leanne told him because we cut back to Leanne still waiting for the scan.

Michelle was curious about the father but broad hints didn't get her any information other than it was a one night stand, the nosy parker. Michelle reminiscing about all the help she had with Ryan was a baby probably made Leanne feel worse about being a single mother. She really doesn't have many people in her support network, just Eva and Simon at the moment. Nick maybe if he can get his head around her pregnant with someone else's child. But Leanne's scan showed that all was ok. Relief!

Liz wants Steve to tell Michelle the truth or he will end up having to have nothing to do with his own child. Steve still feels pretty down on himself and regrets it all terribly. But it is what it is. Meanwhile, Michelle wants permission to tell Steve because they promised not to lie anymore. Oops. He looked very awkward but she didn't pick up on it. Later, talking to Leanne, he was kind and concerned which was nice but things are really in a difficult place. They have to work out what they want and who they want to know and it's going to be a secret. Secret. Like that's going to happen. It's a soap. It's going to come out sooner or later. Fireworks! Liz agrees. As far as Leanne is concerned, the father's name is Scott, for public consumption. For now anyway.

Here's the thing, though. Now with all this, Michelle is feeling broody. This after she was insisting Steve have a vasectomy a few years ago. I guess that inner biological clock has started ticking loudly. It really puts Steve in a very difficult position. He's really distracted but it's not really because he doesn't want a baby with Michelle, or the money or his age, is it? Not really. It's the duality of it all, so to speak. If Leanne weren't pregnant with his baby, he might be more open to it. Michelle confessed to Liz who knows the whole story and is sulking because Steve isn't keen. Steve confided in Dev. You forget that they used to be pretty good friends and golf buddies. Dev is right, though, Michelle could end up resenting him for saying no and that's a danger after the near miss they just had. In the end, Steve decided to agree.

Over in Underworld, they are severely short staffed so Jenny offers her services. She's been practising and ends up having to prove that she can do the job in front of a skeptical Sally and Beth. She didn't pass the test, what with everyone putting pressure on her, at least for now. as a machinist and flirts with Johnny over the whole incident, making it clear she's still interested.

Jenny's getting private sewing lessons from Johnny. They had a nice chat about dreams coming true. I think hers are about to. But because Jenny's trial didn't go too well, Aidan hired two other machinists temporarily, much to her disappointment but Johnny's fighting in her corner and she's got a month's job at sewing! And she got a proper date with Johnny, too though they are keeping it quiet since he's her boss. Except he felt guilty leaving Kate on her own feeling bad about Caz and ended up making her something to eat and missing his date with Jenny so she went for a drink with Kevin instead and shut Johnny down. Better that than be a doormat.

Sally's using the photocopier at work to do "important" council paperwork. She thinks Jenny successfully diverted Johnny so she could finish when actually, Jenny needed to talk to Johnny, perhaps to make up. But he still thinks they are better off not going out together. He didn't want it that way but thinks it's for the best since they work together. I guess that snog the other day led to more because she accuses him of getting what he wanted and now doesn't want to know. He protests but isn't willing to get back together with her. He needs to make Kate the priority for now. Jenny's really let down.

In the meantime, the client showed up at the factory where Aidan went elsewhere to the meeting. That's Matthew Singh and he has a Scottish accent and fancies Jenny! Johnny was jealous to see them looking friendly and flirting over a drink so he goes scratching back at her skirts to apologize again. She wants him to respect her and get his act together and she'll consider having him back. Good for her! It worked. He came crawling back and is flaunting her in public at the Bistro!

I wonder if Jenny's going to be up to her old tricks again. She was certainly taking it all in when she heard that Kirk sometimes clocks Beth in when she's late, maybe filing it away for future use? Yep, and it didn't take long, either. She ends up suggesting that they continue to see each other in secret and then she can be his eyes and ears on the factory floor. Looks like Jenny is completely recovered and back to her old devilish self! Love it!

Tim has taken delivery of a load of parcels, one of which was for "next door" but Sally doesn't get the message because Tim really didn't pay attention. There was a nice throw but it actually belongs to Yasmeen. Sally gets offended by a scratched casserole dish, mainly because she thinks it's Yasmeen's. Parcel, parcel, who's got the parcel! Then Sally's figuring out the catering for a party and Tim made a mention of vegetarians. Of course she didn't think of that and blames him for ruining "everything".

I'm not sure why Yasmeen brought flowers to Sally, seemed to come out of nowhere. Maybe a peace offering? Or was it that thing the other day where Tim invited them for drinks, yes, that was it. The two women were awkward with each other. The party has got off to a rather bumpy start. Sally even invited the Nazirs to a little soiree. There were no eruptions until Yasmeen spotted the throw that she ordered that ended up in Sally's home. Now Yasmeen is determined to host a rival soiree instead.

Sally pulled off a coup, she's managed to get the Mayor to come to her party. Sally's snobbery has never hit such lofty heights! Yasmeen had a bit of trouble getting guests at the last minute. Instead, she invaded Sally's party. The Mayor brought a much loved and coddled dog and therein lies the rub. Yasmeen's arrival caused ructions and the Mayor's dog got loose. A bit ludicrous watching a group of people standing around shouting "Barry!" rather than actually walking around looking for him until Sally came out to organize the search parties.

Sally and Yasmeen searched together, with Sally practically pulling her hair out in despair for her reputation. Surprisingly, they had a very revealing conversation where Sally admitted people think she's snobby and had a look back to when she first came to the Street and lived with Hilda Ogden. She even told Yasmeen about her rough childhood, too, in a rare moment of reflection. That's where all of her upwardly mobile aspirations come from. Yasmeen admitted how hard it was for her when Kal died. Maybe the two women have come to a new understanding.

Erica's back from nursing her mother and Dev went all quiet. Remember that night with Mary in the hotel? Naturally, he thought that he and Mary were indiscreet. He admitted what he thought happened and was mortified further when Mary told him nothing happened. They had a good chuckle at Dev and after, Mary and Erica had a lovely talk about lost love. Todd is covering up when Eileen questioned why his texts are making him all smiley. Tracy is a firm supporter but they have to figure out what happens when Sean comes home. To get some alone time, they make a date to go to Formby to the beach but Sean is coming home early. The same day they were going to go to the beach. Eva's back and Leanne has told her about the baby but not other details. Sarah's coming home for a little bit on Friday, baby steps back to recovery.

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