Monday, 22 August 2016

State of the Street - July 2016

It's always sad when a character dies, especially one that a good deal of fans loved. Kylie will be missed and David may never get over it. Caz's lies were uncovered and she's now pulling Maria into her schemes to get Kate back. Even though it's taken a back seat to the current Platt crisis, Bethany is still suffering at the hands of the bullies. Leanne's ill advised one night stand with a heretofore unknown man ended up in a pregnancy and a reveal that the man was Steve McDonald. He seems to have a habit of getting women pregnant, women that didn't think they could have babies, that is.

If Leanne was going to have a baby, it would have to be with the one person where it would cause the most drama. Nick? She'd only have to contend with Gail. Robert? There's Tracy who'd start a new vendetta up now that Carla's gone, but I'd bet Leanne Battersby would put up a much more convincing fight than Carla did. No, Steve, with his tentative reconciliation to Michelle, is the best candidate for ongoing drama.

In the wake of Jason's exit, Phelan is trying to get his hands on the money while Todd is trying to get his hands on Billy. One has been more successful than the other. Jenny and Johnny are pussyfooting around each other. The Spy Who Loved Me may be their new favourite film.

All this and more on this month's State of the Street.

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