Monday, 1 August 2016

Corrie Canada Weekly Awards July 25 - 29

It's all in the presentation award: Gemma's kebab decoration!

Rage on Rage off award: After his wedding went belly up, Nick hasn't had any more problems with rage, not even when Robert was giving Leanne a hard time.

Sabotage award: Kylie played a trick to get Michael and Gail in the same room. It worked!

Illustrated Man award: Billy (ok, Daniel Brocklebank) has tattoos!! (you're welcome)

Musical ambiance: "Wild World" when Gail was a bit confused about the broken door handle that Michael had come to fix.

Demon child award: I know every body is different, but Leanne only had sex with the unknown man on June 27 and she's had morning sickness all week. Bit early, innit? At least she didn't do the cliche faint, I guess.

Pants on Fire award: Caz is lying about a lot of things not least an impending court martial. Leanne is lying about being pregnant to Steph.

Nanny Fail: Where was Mary? Asha and Aadi are always her first priority so if they get an unexpected day off school, surely Mary would be the one to look after them, not David offering Kylie's services.

Fashion WTH? Audrey in a bike helmet means Audrey was riding on the back of a motorcycle????!!!! I did not see that coming!

Lines of the week:
Todd to Billy "May I tempt you inside to see my Bird of Paradise?" (snort)
Todd "I'd like the chance to give this one a glowing review. Like Trip Advisor for vicars"
David about Gail and Michael "Oh aye, made for each other. Like Judy made for Punch"
Gemma, singing, "We built this city on sausage rolls!!!"
Gail "Oh put your violin away. You were the one that dumped me for the Weatherfield bike!" (it's a good think Eileen didn't hear her say that or there would be another rolling struggle on the cobbles!)
Audrey "I've never begged a man for a date and I never will"
Luke "Your old enough to be be my grandfather" Freddie "But you're not good looking enough to be my grandson!"
Gemma "Just because I don't use a wooden fork to eat my chips doesn't mean I'm some massive thief"
Kylie "Life's what you make it. You don't like it, you change it" (*gulp*)
Gemma "I'm proud of me, too. And I don't say that very often" (awwww)
Gail "We need to talk" Kylie "I intend to. One to one. Mam to Mam"
Audrey "If that's highbrow, I'd rather be thick"
Kylie "I can finally chuck the umbrella and catch some rays"

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