Monday, 28 May 2012

Corrie Canada weekly awards: May 21 - 25

Cookie Monster award: Craig is back! Funniest scene of the week!

Head vs Heart award: Audrey's head say NO but her heart is leaning to YES.

Freeloader award: Too right Tracy should pay her half of the mortgage, and even if they were happily married, she should!

Green Eyed, Posessive Monster award: Kirsty's at it again.

Shortest Job Ever award: Job offered, job rescinded without even starting! That's Gobzilla Barlow all over!

Stepmother Fail award: Carla picking Simon up at the schoolyard, while she was tipsy.

Out of the mouths of babes: Amy telling Steve that Grandma says Grandad is a know it all. (snort... they hear everything don't they?)

Digging your own hole award: Owen isn't helping persuade anyone to his team. At all. Every time he opens his gob he's digging himself in deeper and proving Katy right.

You could do worse award: In fact, he has! But really? Beth looked quite nice!

Touched a nerve award: I think Leanne's hard words pushed all the buttons they were meant to with Carla.

You've changed your tune award: Eva's being really nice to Leanne!

Pants on Fire award: Simon lied and said Carla's hitting him.

Betrayal award: Two faced star: Jenny scheming with Frank to take the factory from Carla.

Tat award: A pond, a fountain, and all the junk from the market in the back garden.

Lines of the Week:

Anna to Owen "Most of the time you're a lovely, lovely man but sometimes your mask slips and there's a right nasty piece of work in front of me" (That's Owen in a nutshell)
Frank "Peter, can I help you?" Peter "Only by dropping dead"
Lewis to Kylie "David's wife? Shouldn't you be throwing drinks over me instead of buying them?"
Chesney to Owen "You don't want to help. You want to control!!!"
Sally to Carla "What do you bring to the factory besides a bottle of Scotch in your handbag?"
Sally "When it comes to spreading rumours, I'm an amateur" (but you're doing a good job of it anyway)
Jody "It's over? We're breaking up?" Tommy "This is our first date!"
Tyrone "At least with a car you get a manual"
Leanne "Peter doesn't love you, Carla, he's addicted to you. Like the booze. And sooner or later the hangover's gonna kick in" (Got it in one)
Tracy to Deirdre "I don't think I could share a house with that many pots"
Beth "What a waste of a bath!"
Peter "You'll end up being best of pals, I promise" (Bad bet for a bookie to make)
Julie "We were right in the middle of dirty dancing!" Hayley " I love that film!" Julie "I don't mean the film" (*choke*)

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