Monday, 28 May 2012

Is Craig Steve's Son?

When what we are seeing now on our Canadian screens aired in March in the UK, the following exchange was captured on Facebook by blogger Rebecca for the Coronation Street Blog, regarding the blog post Are Beth and Craig Comedy Gold?

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This happened on Facebook last night/this morning (I've removed the surnames to protect our identities a little, although I appreciate that if you look on Facebook you can probably see them...) and I thought it was interesting enough to post. When we first met Craig and his mam I immediately thought that Craig was going to turn out to be Steve's son, and thought at the time that it might be another wedge between Becky and Steve.

Now that they're back and seem to be staying at least for a while, I'm even more convinced. I actually seem to recall that when we met Beth and she told Steve how old Craig was, you could see his eyes widen as he did the mental calculations - I think he knows, but hasn't said anything yet. That will cause yet more friction with Tracy, because Amy won't be Steve's only kid, and we all know Steve will do the decent thing and provide for him.

What do you think? Do you think he could be Steve's son?

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