Sunday, 6 May 2012

Sunday Canadian Corrie Comments, May 6

Well, that's it then isn't it? The bomb went off in the court and it can't be unexploded. Leanne knows Peter and Carla are having an affair. Frank tipped the news in the best way possible. Peter scrambles but Leanne isn't having it and Peter gets to be with Carla a little sooner than he thought. I wonder if he would have left her after the trial like he said he would? Moot point now. Clearly it's affected Carla's case and not for the better. Frank does an impeccable job of testifying and nobody should be surprised. He's a control freak and is very good at lying. That in addition to the bombshell and Frank is deemed not guilty! Just for good measure, Peter gets to stand up and protest the verdict just like someone does every time!

It's hard to believe when Carla had the bruises to prove it and all the post traumatic stress that both the police and Maria can testify to but it's a soap trial and it's got to be dramatic. Of course Frank doesn't want to have civil action taken against Carla. There's a lot more flexibility in that type of court case and it could very well go against him there.

Don't worry. Frank is a villain and he'll pay eventually. He came to Carla supposing to make peace but you could see it wasn't over by a long shot. The very next morning he's arrived with all his staff to share Underworld since there's no longer any reason he has to keep away and because he owns part of it himself. Now how's *that* going to work! Not well i should think. Even just having Michelle and Sally sniping in the office will be bad enough putting aside the fact that half the worker bees believe Carla and half of them believe Frank. But Carla is the majority shareholder, you'd think she would have more to say about the division of work etc.

Carla is still trying to keep the factory afloat and this new client, Jenny might have just the order she needs but the conflict is going to make things more and more difficult. Frank offers to buy her out and she considered it but is determined not to let him win.

Leanne and Peter tear apart their marraige in some very painful and realistic scenes. Leanne packed a bag and the hearts of millions of Canadians broke when Simon ran crying down the middle of the street after his mummy! Peter most certainly didn't put Simon first in all this and continues to run to Carla, leaving Ken and Deirdre with Simon most of the time. Simon is not dealing well with it all, as you would expect and is kicking back, poor mite. It seems like Ken does understand Peter's dilemma even if he disapproves of it, mainly for Simon's sake. I suppose he would! Stella in incensed at what Peter's done to her chick and wastes no time tearing chunks off both Carla and Peter (or CarPet in couple-speak)

I wonder if Peter should be afraid? Carla's managed to see off almost every bloke she's been involved with.

Sally is right in her element, crowing to the neighbours about the affair in case anyone hadn't heard and shouting the verdict from the rooftops. It has another effect too. A lot of people think Carla was lying about the rape so that she could get rid of Frank to be with Peter. That's a test of true friendship, isn't it? The ones that believe you no matter what a verdict says. Leanne is devastated, Ken is both mortified and disgusted. After all, he should know ;)

Steve and Tracy have gone to war, or at least, Steve has. He's dug his heels in and refuses to leave the house and since her name is on the deed, she's not going either so he decides to block off the upstairs to the downstairs and create "flats". I don't think that's at all legal and you'd think Owen would know better. I'm surprised Tracy never saw this coming. Steve's as transparent as cling film! I'm not sure why he would have built the wall parallel to the front of the house. Leaves a bit empty space there and a wasted window. And Tracy didn't waste any time setting up a sitting room in one of the bedrooms did she? There's a sofa and everything! So she and Amy must be sharing a bedroom. It's all so silly!

Tracy is going to fight it of course and she's pulling her parents into the fight as always. I laughed at her moaning and complaining that Peter dumped Simon on his parents. Pot? Kettle? Tracy uses her mother as per usual to try to put her case to Steve but he can see right through her. The battle continues. It can't drag out too long. Someone is going to have to back down. Steve has the taxi flat, surely he could just move in there but it's the principle of the thing.

Brian and Kylie start a war over the lunchboxes. Brian looks like a total idiot trying to come up with plans to make the school successful. Only Brian could compare himself to President Obama! LOL! Anyone feel like Brian is the new Derek Wilton? I do! I'm not auire sure a healthy eating initiative is going to raise the school's profile and standing but there you go. It's all intended to feed the conflict with Kylie.

Rosie role plays, practicing for when she gets famous! Oh come on, you know you do this! You're on stage performing, you're on television, you're doing something you always dreamed of right? Anyway she and Jason got it on in the car but when the hand brake came off, they rear ended someone and they happened to be in Owen's van at the time! Oops! Because she was the face of bicycle safety, her face gets plastered over the newspapers after the accident and she gets sacked and so does Jason but now Rosie's agent has got her an interview for a television job!

Milton has big plans for Roy, he is encouraging expansion and wants to make it into a chain type restaurant based on a train theme. I can't really picture Roy in a chic environment and Roy most certainly can't either. It feeds Sylvia's need to go upscale along with Milton though.

Poor Katy is struggling with new motherhood, no sleep and all the responsibility of it. Chesney is trying to work all the hours he can so he's not a lot of help. Deirdre was helping out in the bookies. I thought she worked at the health centre?

And that's it from me for a few weeks while i'm on my holidays.

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