Thursday, 10 May 2012

The S-Word

(This post was originally posted by Scott on the Coronation Street Blog in February 2012.)

Something weird happened in last night's Corrie.  They mentioned Salford.  Twice.

First Roy said his cafe was on an "ordinary Salford backstreet".  Then Jason said he was just "a Salford boy".

The odd part of all this is that Weatherfield has always presumed to be Salford; in the fictional world of Coronation Street, the city across the Irwell doesn't exist.  Tony Warren based Weatherfield on Salford in the first place so we've always worked on the assumption that it's not there in Corrie world, in the same way that Metropolis or Gotham City are basically New York.  Weatherfield = Salford.

Roy and Jason's statements throw up a load of questions.  Does this mean Weatherfield is just part of Salford?  Has it always been this way?  What about Weatherfield's mayor, Alf Roberts, or Councillor Dierdre Barlow?  Who did they represent?  Does this mean that the Lowry is now under Weatherfield's jurisdiction, so Audrey can nip to the ballet when she gets a spare minute?  Does this mean that Greater Manchester is even bigger than we previously thought, because Salford and Weatherfield are both in there somewhere?  Is there some kind of demilitarized zone, like the one between the two Koreas, where neither side has responsibility?

I think we should be told.

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