Friday, 11 May 2012

Is Gail the funniest character in Corrie?

(This post was originally posted by Chewy on the Coronation Street Blog in February 2012.)

Up until a few years ago, it seemed like Gail McIntyre loved misery, from dating a serial killer to being pushed down the stairs by her son.

Now that David is all grown up and seemingly more responsible, Gail seems to be enjoying her life a lot more.

Some of the funniest scenes from the last few years have included Gail. Such as the jobless Gail peeking at passers-by in Audrey's and bringing the blinds down in the process. I'm glad that they have taken Gail in this direction, she's a lot of fun to watch on screen these days, especially when she has had a bit too much wine!

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