Saturday, 26 May 2012

State of the Street - February 2012

As we skid towards this year's murder storyline, we look back at some of the storylines in February where Steve and Tracy's childish antics filled a few airwaves. Tiresome, but at the end, we have Beth and Craig in situ to add some genuine comedy to the schtick. Katy was finding it difficult to cope on her own with a baby while Chesney worked his socks off trying to keep their financial heads above water. Owen got to say I Told You So but it backfired when Katy did a temporary runner.

There was some lovely bits with all concerned in the cafe and some classic soap angst with Peter coping with Carla, her problems and a very unsettled little boy. Cad Lewis is smarming around Audrey and that can't be a good thing. Read more about these and other observations on State of the Street.

And as of today, we in Canada are just about three months behind and holding (until the hockey playoffs are over, then the double episodes start up again, June 14).

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1 comment:

eps said...

Truly, 14. June cannot come soon enough. How is it that I forget this 2 month interruption every year?

Thank you, TVOR

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