Friday, 7 June 2013

Are you excited to see the Rovers return?

(This post was originally posted by Graeme N on the Coronation Street Blog in May 2013.)

It feels like the Rovers Return has been closed for an age. Maybe that's why I think Coronation Street has been lacking something recently. For me, the good old Rovers is the centre of the Corrie universe.

I know Corrie has other meeting places where characters can interact (in various different forms!) but none of them come close to the Rovers. I love Roy's Rolls, mainly because we're bound to see Roy, Hayley or Sylvia, currently all playing a blinder and showing others up where they are seriously lacking. The Kabin is also a favourite although, like the Corner Shop, it doesn't feature as prominently these days as perhaps it should. Then there's Nick's Bistro.

I don't know about you but I've never taken to the Bistro. It just sits awkwardly with the Street. At the moment it features in nearly every episode it seems and everyone is in there all the flipping time! Ok, I can see Stella, Carla and Michelle frequenting the Bistro regularly, but Norris and Emily? Nah. The Bistro also boasts the most unprofessional staff I've witnessed anywhere. So many arguments are conducting behind that tiny bar I'm surprised they have any customers at all. After the tram landed on the place back in 2010 I'm shocked they shift any Lancashire tapas whatsoever.

No, it will always be the Rovers for me. It may not be in it's prime these days, it's crying out for an Annie Walker. Step forward Sally Webster with all that lottery cash! The Rovers Return is such a strong brand that somehow it doesn't really matter who is behind the bar. I can't wait to see it re-open its doors to the punters of Weatherfield once again. After all, it's been several months since anyone has had a pint of best bitter tipped over their head. 

So, have you missed the Rovers? Are you excited about its return?

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