Saturday, 29 June 2013

Do you ever stray from Corrie?

(This post was originally posted by Graeme N on the Coronation Street Blog in June 2013.)

That's not meant to sound as sordid as it may first appear. It is a genuine question though. We Corrie fans are quite full on about our favourite soap, so passionate about when it gets it right (or wrong) that I wondered if we have room for any other television soap operas, or continuing dramas, if we're giving them their Sunday name.

Although obviously Coronation Street is the very best option in this category, and the programme on which all the others are based, I'm interested to hear from Corrie viewers and blog contributors on what else, if anything, regularly appears on their goggle box.

Personally, I've never been able to tolerate EastEnders, even in short bursts. There are worrying moments when Corrie competes and nearly wins out in the complete, abject misery stakes, but for me, there is nothing more awful than the London based soap. I've never been tempted by Emmerdale either. I always imagine it being all cows bottoms and men with mutton chops, but apparently these days it's all bed hopping and raciness. The transformation doesn't quite work for me. 

Then there is Hollyoaks. Enough said. I loved Brookside back in the day (before it went a bit bonkers with crashing helicopters and mystery viruses). Looking back, I see Brookie as the main rival to Corrie's crown at the time. It's a pity it all went wrong and disappeared. If only Sue Johnston could channel a bit more Sheila Grant and a bit less old crone in her current role as Gloria.

There are also the imported Australian soaps. I never know whether to include these with our own as they just aren't as dark, as gritty or as controversial as the British soap operas. I do have a soft spot for Neighbours (Susan Kennedy is a bit of a legend, and in my view, the only character in Ramsay Street ever to indulge in a bit of the other). Maybe it's just the sunshine and outdoor lifestyle that grabs me, I don't know. It generally isn't the acting talent on display...

I don't know much about the American soap operas, so I'd love to hear from readers in that part of the world on how Corrie compares. 

Anyway, it will always be Corrie first and foremost for me. What about you though? Do you limit yourself solely to Coronation Street, or do other soaps often take your fancy? Are they all pale imitations or do any seriously rival the Street?

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Elaine said...

I live in Ont. Canada and spent a lot of time in GB and that's where I got introduced to Corrie. I also liked Emmerdale but it is no longer on the Air here!!! Years ago Take the High Road was wonderful ( spent most of my time in Scotland) and met John Stahl in person. But Corrie is it now and I watch every episode - if I miss one it is on Sunday mornings.

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