Saturday, 21 June 2014

Can we have a respite from the Corrie misery please?

(This post was originally posted by Graeme N on the Coronation Street Blog in June 2014.)

Has Coronation Street ever been so out and out depressing? Nearly all traces of humour have vanished over the past week as we lurch from one tragedy to another. 

In the good old days a tragedy would be contrasted with a more lighthearted storyline, giving more weight and substance to both. At the moment though the writers are fixated with the aftermath of the Tina-Peter-Carla story climax and the Armstrong-Windass clan, both of which are pretty grim. Just when you think things can't get any worse, they do.

It's not enough for Peter to have an affair with Tina, it has to start the night he marries Carla. Both Tina and Carla must have pregnancy scares at the same time. Tina must plunge to her death. Peter must be constantly inebriated. The latest in a long line of tragedies has seen Carla lose her baby. Oh how I wish they had let her keep it. Carla as a single mother would have been an interesting journey for her to go on. 

I can't fault any of the performances in this storyline, all the actors have been at the top of their game. I've just reached my misery limit!

Meanwhile, chez Armstrong-Windass, Anna's dark secret has finally emerged and predictably Owen hasn't taken it well. Given Anna was only forced into her drastic plan to rid them of Phelan due to Owen's original decisions, I don't think he has a lot of wriggle room here. However, on we go spiralling further into the darkness. Katy, of course, will not understand Anna's actions at all, so cue plenty of pouting and stomping. Gary will eventually also find out and no doubt there will be further fireworks as his temper and his fists get another airing. When will this all stop I frequently ask myself? I'm crying out for a change of tone with this crowd of characters. Enough is enough. Debbie Rush has been pretty phenomenal as downtrodden Anna, I just think we need a break from all at number 6 Coronation Street.

No doubt the misery will continue in both these main storylines for some time to come. I keep hoping some other background storylines will shed some light on the gloom. Sally and Tim continue to be terrific although I worry if Sally doesn't accept Tim's marriage proposal, this partnership might not last. Two other storylines are shortly to pop back into view and I must confess I am looking forward to neither of them.

The first, linked to the ongoing Tina story, will see Michelle discover Steve knew about Peter's affair. This will lead to much armfolding and bag packing as Michelle dumps Steve and no doubt treats him like dirt in the process. I'm heartily sick of Michelle. Apparently Steve will publicly plead for Michelle to take him back and Carla will also persuade her friend to return to Steve. PLEASE NO! Enough already. Steve and Michelle were awful the first time around and I've seen no improvement now. Steve is a tremendous character but pairing him with Michelle does him no favours. Make it stop.
The second storyline is the return of all the Todd and Marcus business. Marcus was a lovely character - very normal, kind and caring and someone the writers didn't do enough with. The beginning of the end was putting him with Maria, although this subsequent dalliance with Todd is the most unbelievable of all for me. Marcus woudn't be taken in by devious Todd. I think he'd see right through him and give him a wide berth. Marcus will have his heart broken and we still don't know why Todd has become such a horrid, nasty character.

Ho hum, at least we still have Deirdre and her pots.

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