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Sunday Comments June 15

Did you see that coming? I have to admit I really had Tony pegged as the one that was going to do the deed (because I knew this was going to happen). Rob would have been my choice if I absolutely thought it would be one of the big four (Peter, Carla, Rob, Tracy) but ITV put out so much publicity and they've done it before, where the actual killer was not one of the ones they said was a suspect that I thought for sure he'd be the expendable crew member. IThis means Rob's days are numbered. Too Bad. I like Rob and Carla's dynamic and Rob and Tracy actually do suit each other.

I really did think they would just leave it where she fell over but she wasn't dead!!!! He made the flat look like it was broken into but before he could get away, he realized Tina was alive. Yes, she fell to the cobbles and didn't break a bone. Looks like she was cusioned by those boobs!  T

When Rob panicked and in the interest of self preservation, not wanting to go back to jail, HE BASHED HER WITH AN IRON BAR!! I did not see that coming at all! It's interesting to see how he was conflicted. And since Peter confessed to Carla, there wasn't as many reasons to kill her as he thought aside from the stolen goods thing.

Meanwhile, Peter has confessed all to Carla who is incensed with rage and can you blame her? He kept trying to push the responsibility off on Tina for chasing him and blaming himself for being weak. Poor me. I just can't help myself. You gave me too much. My pride was hurt. It's all excuses. No wonder she thinks he didn't really love her at all. And wouldn't you want to confront the woman that pretended to be your friend and shagged your husband!? Of course it's going to look like Carla might have pushed her over but there's a lot more evidence to suspect Peter, with scratches on his face and his dna under her fingernails. Surely her injuries would show that the fall wasn't what killed her?

Steve wasn't a lot of help. He reckoned Carla just enjoyed the drama and then it will all blow over. He doesn't know Carla very well, does he? And self preservation kicks in. Don't tell anyone I know, he begs Steve.

Now Tracy was up to no good, so was Rob and neither know what the other was up to. Tracy has 0 percent sympathy but then she wouldn't. She's convinced Carla is the guilty party and at least Rob can make out he's upset for his sister not out of sheer guilt. But when he tried to take the evidence away, he dropped some jewelry. But since Tracy doesn't know Rob went away from the party, she has Rob convinced to be her alibi. She doesn't know she's his as well.

Loved the confrontation between Carla and Peter and she called him on his excuses about being weak. It was his choice. And he does think Carla pushed Tina over which pretty much puts the seal on their divorce papers right there. Peter did have a point. If he had tossed Tina over the side, there would be no need to confess to Carla about the affair. Michelle is raging that Liz knew and Liz was in an awkward spot. After all the interviews, it's come back to Carla who was arrested under Rob's nose.

Deirdre is right though. Simon needs to know about Peter and Tina's affair because it will be on all the gossip's tongues and in the newspapers. When she does, of course he blames his father for ruining everything. Heartbreaking that a child that young will come to expect the worst from his father who continually lets him down in the worst way. Why on earth did Leanne tell Simon that news in the cafe? They were only steps from their home and privacy.

Now Carla's been arrested and questioned and Peter shows up at the factory drunk. He hadn't heard that Carla was arrested. But Carla couldn't have done it. For once, we have actual forensic evidence that proved Tina was hit after she fell! Yay! No Keystone Cops in Weatherfield this time around! She's back on the street, Peter's at the bottom of the bottle and living under the same roof as Rob and Carla's got a lawyer which she should have had when she was first arrested! Rob is determined to make Peter pay for hurting Carla (and to cover up his own misdeed). I can't figure out if he feels guilty for what he'd done or if he's just worried Tina might come round and tell! Maybe both. He's not exactly a cold hearted killer like Tracy was. He went to the hospital just to find out some information and got dragged in to Tina's bedside by David, the last place he wanted to be!

Roy certainly saw a few things, like Peter arguing with Tina. Why on earth have they got Simon still making cards by hand that look like something a 5 year old would make? Some people are wondering why Tyrone and Fiz were at Tina's bedside, but remember that Tyrone and Tina were roommates and good friends and David and Tina have been good mates as well. In spite of Kylie, Tina was David's first love.

Over in hospital, Rita and David are holding vigil still. I wonder what Kylie thinks of that or is she finally confident enough that she understands David considers Tina only as a good friend. Dennis has taken the risk and come to support Rita. Gail hasn't been to see Tina or support David, though. Why is the doctor telling these people anything at all? None of them are her next of kin. Where's her mother?  She's been in hospital for days! Surely the police would have contacted her as next of kin?

The week ends with Tina in crisis and the crash team coming on a run. Will Tina survive? We will find out on Monday.

Owen and Anna, who could barely afford to feed themselves the other week, are spending the night in a hotel. At least, they're trying to. Owen is hoping to get their relationship back on track but Anna, swamped in guilt, is having flashbacks to the hotel room where she spent those 2 hours with Phelan to get Gary off the hook. Owen is at his wits' end, albeit not a great leap, and when they get home, she tries to dump him but later she finally confesses what she's done.

When Owen asks if Phelan forced himself on Anna, i thought his reaction was very good. He backed away from her, and it was like he was kicked in the gut. Anna did what she thought she had to do to save her family and it's eating her from the inside. Now it's eating him up as well. Very good performances.

Owen was full of double meanings while explaining to the girls why they didn't stay at the hotel and why he was still leaving for Aberdeen. Probably a bit of space will be what he needs to get his head around the revelations. On the other hand, it could also be the space he needs to let it fester into a full rolling boil. We shall see.

Izzy and Katy started to push Anna to find out what's going on. You could see her shaking and very much on the edge and it all came out. The girls were horrified but Katy more than Izzy. Immature Katy doesn't really understand but Izzy seems to. Katy is daddy's little girl and even if she says she understands, she can't forgive. Now Izzy has to keep the secret from Gary.

Kal wears glasses for reading so why is he walking around with them on? Anyway, they're making plans to tell Nick. Now they have to delay that because of Simon being so upset but Kal let it slip that both of them found Tina's body. Nick has figured it out and it looked like his heart broke right there. I think Nick is very justified in raking Kal and Leanne and Gail over the coals. As my dad always said, a real man wouldn't go after his best friend's woman (even if they were separated). At least Gail doesn't have to worry about keeping the secret. Leanne took a verbal beating from Nick and ouch, he threw her prostitute past in her face.

Tony paid for being antsy about re-opening the yard. Now he's got to talk to the police. The last thing he wasn't to do! Sally's trying to make an effort and has a romantic meal all planned for Tim as a surprise so you know darn well he's not going to show up. Yep, he's been invited to have tea with Anna and Faye.  LOVED Steve and Amy dancing Gangnam Style!!!

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Anonymous said...

What a week indeed! Farewell Tina, too bad you couldn't take Tracy & Peter with you! Am so done with the Barlow Brats. Still some decent intrigue ahead as the other characters (Tony, Rob, Carla, Peter, & poor ol' Steve) implement CYA protocols

As for the Windass household, Anna explains her 'Sophie's Choice' dilemma & gets the knockback from Owen, really was well done together, their commiseration at what the cost of all this Phelan business was palpable.

Wondering what Tina's Mum will be like, can't wait to see how these 2 major storylines play out. Perhaps some comic relief will be written up for TIm/Sally, before we're subjected to sanctimonious Gail that's very tired.

Hard to keep such a dramatic pace up, but share it with more of the street. Please & thank you!

Anonymous said...

Where is Joseph now that Katy has decided to move in with Steph? And does Tony own the flat now, or Jason? (As in Jason needs to move out of his mother;s house...)
Nick was rotten to throw Leanne's past at her. And then her pay packet. Doesn't she own half the restaurant?

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