Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Watch: The Magic of Coronation Street

(This post was originally posted by Flaming Nora on the Coronation Street Blog April 2014, reposted to this blog with permission.)

I received an email from Coronation Street fan Barrie Turnbull in Australia over the Easter weekend.  Barrie told me that he's just watched a rare video called "The magic of coronation street".

He says it looks like it was originally a made for a video clip show. It has new footage of Elsie, Len and Annie Walker reminiscing about some scenes from the early 60's. It seems to have been recorded in 1982 as Elsie mentions her grandson is 21 as she talks about a scene from 1961 which she says must be 21 years ago.

It's written by HV Kershaw but theres a boo-boo in the script and closing credits when Len mentions that he remembers the day Ida Barlow died in 9 Sept 1960. The closing credits also incorrectly states the 1st ep transmission as 9 Sept 1960.  

If anyone can shed any  more information on this little gem, do please leave comments below.

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