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Pics: Tina McIntyre top storylines on Coronation Street

(This post was originally posted by Flaming Nora on the Coronation Street Blog May 2014, reposted to this blog with permission.)

This week, Tina McIntyre died as a result of Rob's iron bar.  Now that she has shuffled off this mortal cobble, let's have a look at some of her top storylines on Corrie.

But first, here's her first ever scenes from January 7, 2008

Now, let's remind ourselves of Tina McIntyre's storylines on Coronation Street.  Here we go...

Tina and David start going out together. When Tina gets pregnant, Gail pays for the abortion. David finds out what his mum did and pushes her down the stairs.  Things get complicated when Gail starts going out with Tina's dad Joe.

Tina goes out with Jason.  They buy the flat above The Kabin.

Tina's dad Joe dies by drowning in the Lake District after his insurance scam goes wrong.  Tina tells the cops that Gail killed her dad and bans Gail from attending Joe's funeral. Tina sinks into depression.

 Graeme Proctor helps Tina out of her depression, she dumps Jason and falls in love with Graeme.  

Tina starts work as a barmaid in The Rovers Return.

Tina meets her old friend Xin Chiang. Xin is being threatened with deportation so Tina suggests she and Graeme get married. Tina is devastated when Graeme falls in love with and runs away with Xin. 

Tina starts dating Dr. Matt Carter until Tina realises that Matt is embarrassed by her working in a pub when he gets her a job interview at Nick's bistro. Tina throws a pint over Matt and dumps him.

Tina starts dating Tommy Duckworth.  She finds out that Tommy's dad Terry is in debt to Rick Neelan, the loan shark her father had been in debt to when he died. Tina tries to stop Terry burning down the nightclub for the insurance but in the struggle Tina is knocked out. She is rushed to hospital and spends three days in a coma.

Tina is bridesmaid for Rita on her wedding to Dennis. Rick Neelan kidnaps Rita and threatens to throw her into the canal if Tina doesn't return the drugs that Rick wanted Tommy to take to Amsterdam, so Tina gives them to him. However, as he tries to leave, he is stopped by the police and arrested.

Tina comforts Tyrone when he tells her that Kirsty is beating him up.  Locals gossip that Tina and Tyrone are having an affair and there's a fight in The Rovers which results in Kirsty going into labour. Tina is then shunned by everyone who believe she has a vendetta against Kirsty.

Tina agrees to become a surrogate for Gary and  Izzy and dumps Tommy Duckworth. Gary tries to kiss Tina when she's pregnant. When the baby's born, Tina refuses to hand him over.

Tina gets into a feud with Tracy Barlow, after Dennis carelessly pawns Rita's engagement ring at Tracy's shop, and Tina ends up throwing a brick through the shop window at Barlow's Buys.

Tina becomes friendly with Peter Barlow and starts babysitting Simon.  She falls for Peter and they snog on Peter's wedding day to Carla.  She later snogs Rob to make Peter jealous.

Tina and Peter begin a full affair, with Peter still married to Carla. Rob finds out about the affair... and now Tina is going to be killed off - but by whom?

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