Monday, 26 January 2015

Corrie Canada weekly awards: Jan. 19 -23

Nerves Jangling award: Kirk, obviously, but Julie was sweating bullets over the cake, too!

Decor award: The room for the wedding was really decorated wonderfully, from oversized Rubik's cubes to banners. If they'd lost their slot, though, the lesbians from Levenshulme mightn't have been too keen.

Irresponsible award: I don't care how ticked off you are, you don't walk out on a shift leaving one person behind the bar to handle a wedding reception if the rest of the staff are nowhere to be seen. Michelle's name might be on the door, but she needs to be sacked.

Double edged sword award: Romantic (free) honeymoon in a donkey sanctuary with the in-laws? Um....

Musical ambiance: Lots of great 80s tunes but the one that really caught my ear was while Maria and Luke were arguing and she's telling him she doesn't want to be forced into something she doesn't want with "I Want To Break Free" playing.

Make it stop award: Maria still blowing hot and cold at Luke. She's angry he ended up at the reception, made it clear she didn't want anything serious and then asked him back to her empty flat (nudge, nudge, wink, wink) Hot, Cold, Hot, Cold. Make it stop please.

Penny's dropping: Liz is finally realizing there's something wrong with Steve even if, at the moment, she thinks it's just upset over the breakup.

What is it with weddings and Sally Webster? She always seems to be legs in the air these days! (Carla and Peter's and now Beth and Kirk's. Tim must be way hotter than Kevin!)

Pun of the week: Regarding playing opera to unstress the chickens so they'll lay eggs Roy "Perhaps something from La Boheme?" Alya "Don't you mean, La Bo-hen?"

Dog eat Dog award: Tony is determined to get his feet under the Barlow Buys table at any cost.

Set up award: Tony most definitely set Tracy up with the dodgy guy with the mixers to try to scare her into accepting him as a partner.

Fashion wow: Loved Steph's lacy outfit.

Pants on Fire award: Gavin, of course, is always backpedalling to cover up his impostorship!

Oblivious award: Julie seems to realize that Mary is feeling left out because she's with Dev now and part of the family, but she doesn't realize how much her interfering is upsetting the twins' routine and Mary's authority over it.

Loved Up award: Steph and Gavin.

Lines of the week:
Julie "Weddings! Alcohol and Polyester! It's a powderkeg waiting to blow!" (quite possible my favourite line!)
Mary "Sugar me up baby, and let's get squeezing!"
Todd "When have you ever seen Jesus in shoulder pads?"
Sinead "He's marrying some lesbians from Levenshulme at 10 past 11." Beth's sister "Levenshulme?" Beth's granny "Don't know about lesbians but they've got a lovely market there!"
Sean to Eileen "You've come dressed as the cake!"
Liz "I don't know where you are, Steve, but I'm gonna kill you!"
Liz to Steve "You will do anything to distract yourself!" (And isn't that a clue right there?)
Julie to Sinead's mother "You have all the grace of a Salford Navvy!"
Beth "I'm so happy my heart is going to burst" Kirk "D'you wanna know how I feel? Like a winner" (And that, ladies and gentlemen, puts the cap on the best wedding ever!)
Yasmeen to Sharif "Why are you sitting out here, you ridiculous man? They (the chickens) don't require a midwife"
Tony, referring to the dog eat dog world of business "The lion eats the zebra!" Eva "That don't mean the zebra has to be happy about it"
Luke "Jealousy is an ugly thing" Steph "Yeah, so are you when your trousers are undone" (Oops! And ...little sister 1 big brother 0)
Michael to Sharif "Are you sure they're not roosters?" Sharif "Oh they're hens all right, you can tell by the amount of pecking they do!" (snort)
Roy "When a loved one needs support, it's sometimes necessary to look beyond one's own feelings and beliefs"
Gavin "There's two sides to every story" Leanne "Really? In my experience there's usually truth and bare faced lies"
Eileen to Jason "Just because you hang around the nest doesn't mean I have to drop worms in your gob!"
Gavin "I am sick and tired of telling lies cause it's got me into a mess you wouldn't believe" (he's quite right, too!)
Michael "When push comes to shove, I've always been a bit of a cryer" (real men aren't afraid to cry, Mike!)
David to Michael "Welcome to the Addams family!"

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Daithi_c said...

I'd say Tony also wins a special "Skating on Thin Ice" award for getting into bed with Tracy (in a business way) after getting into bed with Tracy (the usual way).

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