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Sunday Comments January 4

Kevin and Lloyd are gossiping about Steve and Andrea admits she knows something about Steve but can't say. Lloyd does drag it out of her eventually. He doesn't think having "man" trouble is what's bothering Steve or what's driving him to obsess about the car which is costing him way more than he's probably letting on but when he confronts Steve, Steve goes on the offensive and is really insulting to Lloyd, telling him he means nothing to him. Ouch. That's going to fracture that friendship. Steve's solution is to have a big Christmas party and he even invites Tracy so that he can have Amy. Tracy takes that on board much to Liz's chagrin!

Steve's starting to invite the whole Street for Christmas, even Lloyd! He's going to feed the 5000 too, from the looks of the boxes of groceries. Lloyd is a bit suspicious for Steve's abrupt turnaround after their fight. But Lloyd got a last minute plea for help from Jenna in Spain. That's because the actor was doing a Celebrity Big Brother and needed an "out". Why isn't Andrea spending it with her daughter? Lloyd's gone and Andrea ends up hanging around the pub like a spare part.

Christmas at the pub goes well, for Steve. He's bought Amy a room full of presents, far too many for one child who still believes in Santa even though she's 10 or 11 nearly. And why not! And still, with all those presents, she's not satisfied because there's no snow! But Steve does his best and gets Michelle to help him toss down confetti from an upstairs window! I don't think Amy's fooled but later at the end of the day it snows for real so she's happy. Michelle's not though, because she took Steve's friendliness as a hint that he wanted her back and tried to kiss him. He knocked her back and she was mortified.

In the aftermath of the bedroom bonk, Tracy and Tony are regretful and agree it's a mistake and Tracy does admit she was only trying to make him want her to make herself feel better. But Todd sees her getting out of Tony's van. He questions her and she blanks him and manages to get Tony to lie that he's not seen Tracy. Now why could that be? You don't give Todd ammunition like that and expect him not to draw the obvious conclusion. Tracy spends Christmas day winding up Tony, winking and catching him with a kiss in the back room. He's very uncomfortable and she's enjoying herself. You know she's going to lead him around by the nose for awhile.

Gary gets shouted at by Izzy who protests that they were getting on so well, like the old days which is why she assumed... Really, though, I think she was projecting. He wasn't flirting with her, just being friendly and now everyone is treating him like the spawn of the devil for what? He didn't lead Izzy on. And ok, Alya's family are all against him but they would be so that should be expected. I think Izzy likes that her family is on her side, well, they should be of course, under normal circumstances, but it would be more fair if the reason for it was that he was cheating on her or had led her on but neither is true so she's egging on the sympathy and instigating things I think. There was a nice scene with Roy in the cafe, though.

Gary thinks he and Alya can still be friends. We all know that never works. it feels very much though, like Kal is stalking one or the other of them because he seems to know exactly when every conversation between them starts when they accidentally bump into each other. And if it isn't Kal, it's Izzy who castigates him for turning his back on the kid who drops his hat which didn't even hit the ground by the time Izzy caught them and tore strips off Gary. It's really narking me how everyone is treating him like the devil's spawn. Did I say that already! Well, it is! To make matters worse, Jake got a little scratch while Gary was bullying Roy's bullies and I'm getting angrier and angrier at how everyone's treating him.

It doesn't let up for Christmas either. Fay was very generous and gave him her Christmas money for a pressie for Jake. He got the same one his mother got weeks ago. Doh. I do like that Anna scolded Katy for chucking verbal darts at Gary. Unfortunately, Gary decided to drink away the rest of the money in a self indulgent pity party and wasn't Owen smug about it when Gary took himself off to lick his wounds.

And speaking of Roy, there was some wonderful stuff with Carla again. Carla, reeling after Rob's 25 year sentence and hurting because Rob won't speak to her. She goes to Roy for comfort and has to ask for a hug but he gives it, both arms and then she helps him decorate the cafe while they chat about bad Christmas gifts their mothers gave them. Carla tried to be nice to Tracy, too but that was rudely rebuffed.

Roy ends up carrying on the semi-tradition of having a "soup" kitchen on Christmas day for the homeless in conjunction with Yasmeen's community centre. You knew she was hoping he'd offer! It goes well and Roy seems pleased at a job well done but does take a moment to think about Hayley before going into the pub with Carla who's insisting he go with her.

Nick is totally besotted with Erica who is in heat like a cat on a hot tin roof. She barely gets him out of bed than she's dragging him back into it. Not that he's complaining. It's funny seeing Gail be uncomfortable and then taking shots at Erica's morals. Takes two, Gail. Takes Two.

Kylie is determined to have a perfect Christmas for her family which virtually guarantees it's going to blow up in her face. Tyrone and David get into a bidding war over a dollhouse but David loses because Tyrone has already paid a deposit and has a receipt. David finds one, though and like so many parents do, has to assemble it the night before the big day! Looks like Callum is back, this time to bring his car to the garage, right under Kylie's nose and poking around in the pub. He's determined to cause trouble and trouble he does cause.

I loved it when Kylie opened the bag and tossed the drugs all over the cobbles. That was a few pretty pennies lost for Callum and he was determined to get his revenge on her for it. He showed up on Christmas day with a bike for Max and tried to get Kylie to come with him. He has decided he wants her back, probably only because she doesn't want him back. He's that type. Wants what he can't have. David catches him trying to tempt Kylie with a wrap of drugs and goes ballistic. Now the whole family knows that Callum is Max's dad and that she is/was a drug addict. He makes them go through the motions of Christmas dinner for the kids but makes Kylie leave. She tells Max she has to look after a sick friend but it's breaking her heart and David's too. In the end, Callum drives by and she goes with him. Where else does she have to go after all?

Sally still hasn't replaced the sofa and still has deck chairs in place. Tim is given a quest, get a sofa for Christmas day. You've got 3 days counting today, mate! That monstrosity in the Kabin window isn't good enough for Sally. Now she's going to have the Nazirs for Boxing Day Nibbles what *will* she do if the deck chairs are still in situ! Well he managed to talk Kevin into getting the old one back from Kevin's house and the pair of them spend the day playing with Jack's new racing car track like brothers.

Alya has given Sharif a flock of chickens for the back garden. I don't think her grandmother was so happy about it and neither was Sally! Sally invited the new neighbours over for Boxing Day nibbles to get to know them. I wonder if Yasmeen is regretting the house purchase yet?

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