Thursday, 8 October 2015

Coronation Street gets a new producer

(This post was originally posted by Tvor on the Coronation Street Blog in September 2015.)

As is usually the way, every few years, there's a change at the top. ITV today has announced that Stuart Blackburn who has been the producer for Coronation Street, is moving on and there will be a new person sitting at the helm in the new year. She is Kate Oates and she has most recently been the producer over at Emmerdale.

Blackburn has been responsible for quite a few controversial storylines during his three year tenure including the murder of Tina McIntyre, the death of Hayley Cropper, a fire that killed Kal Nazir and Maddie Heath and the current drug dealer storyline involving the custody of Max, Kylie Platt's son. He has also overseen not one but two live episodes, including the one to air on September 23. Coronation Street has also won two BAFTA awards during his tenure.

“I’ve loved every minute of producing Coronation Street,” said Stuart. “What a rollercoaster ride the last three years has been. We’ve met every challenge along the way and I can’t praise the cast, crew and writers highly enough for rising to the occasion with each storyline."

He continued: “For the next few months my focus will remain entirely on all things Corrie, as we have massive stories coming up taking us in to the Spring and Summer of 2016. I wish my friend Kate well in her role as she takes on one of the best jobs in television.”

Kate Oates was producer of The Archers for 7 years and has been with Emmerdale since 2013 where she has also been a story editor in the past and she's also been an Assistant Producer for Corrie in the past as well.

“I’m delighted to accept the role as Coronation Street’s new Producer,” said Kate. “It’s really exciting to be moving from one amazing soap to another and I feel very blessed.”

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