Tuesday, 20 October 2015

State of the Street - September

It's been almost all Platts all the time in September. The calamity of Callum has kind of overshadowed all the other storylines but there were some gems hidden round the corners of the screen. Roy and Cathy (I still have to stop myself from typing Roy and Hayley!) found a way to begin a new normal in their lives and Craig's art is still awing us even if he didn't get Sally's elfin mouth quite right!

Fiz and Tyrone are facing a long and painful journey ahead. Sally and Tim have hit a crater in the path to happiness. Tracy is shouldering more guilt than she's used to but most of the neighbours don't seem to be screaming at her the way they did at Carla, Yasmeen aside.

There's a longer blog post about it here on State of the Street. 

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